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Interview with Gary 7/8/16

Odyssey | Empowerment by ShapeshifterDNAThe following is an interview with Gary Chambers. JoAnn Chambers begins with an intro and then asks Gary to talk about several different areas of related interest to this new release – Odyssey | Empowerment. These are the questions he responded to below.



You can also listen to this audio podcast on our iTunes Podcast Channel

Composer’s Cut #1 ~ Gary Chambers on Odyssey | Empowerment

Odyssey | Empowerment by ShapeshifterDNAGary begins sharing his thoughts, ideas and concepts surrounding the creation of his music. He plans to create a short series of these specifically inspired by his creation of this new release called Odyssey | Empowerment.


Podcast – Smallelk Sacred Energy interview with JoAnn Chambers

Listen to this interview with Dolores “Smallelk” Chiasson on IntuitTalks, which is a spiritually focused podcasting site. Dolores hosts a regular podcast called Smallelk Sacred Energy. Dolores has been working with our soundscapes since around 2005.

Topics discussed: Gary’s journey, current project on advanced chakra energy, DNA Activation, planetary ascension and more.



2016 Message from ShapeshifterDNA

New Year again, wow, time really moves fast these days. We feel we have been in a bit of a hibernating phase of life for a while and starting to feel more like it is time again to come out and see what is next for us. We share this with in you in the following audio message. Enjoy and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

Transcript: (more…)

DNA Activation – Upgrading to DNA.L2

DNA.L2 Series by ShapeshifterDNAFor many of you who started with the DNA LevelOne series it is time for you to step up into the DNA.L2 frequencies now. You may have had various thoughts about when or why you should move to the next level and maybe now is the time to review your life path. This series of higher dimensional frequeucies will assist you in many ways during the transformation process the planet and humanity is moving through during 2012-2032. This is one of the most powerful 20 year cycles you can consciously engage with. (more…)

New Music, New Site – G•Mage has Landed

G-Mage Electronic Music for Transcending the MatrixIn the spirit of the transformational process of an artist and redefining themselves as the evolve, Gary has birthed a new aspect of his creative explorations into the multidimensional realms of Sound. G•Mage is the name he will be composing this new music under. He will still compose music under ShapeshifterDNA as well. He begins his G•Mage offerings with a few soundfiles and plans to add new pieces on a regular basis. He will also be adding some audio transmissions from his ever expanding consciousness on his YouTube channel. (more…)