TLC Concert – May 17

On May 17th, we are having our first concert of the year at the Light Center in Black Mountain, NC. We have 3 scheduled this year all at the Light Center. If you are planning to travel to the Asheville, NC area this spring/summer/fall, perhaps you can time it so you can attend one of these events.

TLC FLyer 5-17-082008 Schedule: May 17th, Sept 27, Nov 15th


Visit our Transmission of Light Codes (TLC) website to learn more about these events and view some pictures of past events.

To Register, you need to call the Light Center at 828.669.6845…..$35 in advance/$40 at the door.

If you are traveling here, you can also come over to our Sanctuary of Sounds studios the next day and visit with us and spend some time in the Odyssey. We will have the recorded music from the night before available to listen to. If you are planning this, be sure to let us know in advance. It will also be available for you to spend some additional time in the Odyssey group or private space, depending on your schedule.

The Light Center is located in Black Mountain way up in the mountains, It is a sacred space that was built in the 70s. The Light Center was created as a place where people could come to pray and meditate anytime, any day of the year. It is dedicated to prayer for personal and planetary transformation. It is a very powerful space to visit. There are also many trails you can walk through and a beautiful stream full of devic energy. The Light Center is a two-story, white geodesic dome set like a beautiful jewel in the peaceful and quiet mountains of western North Carolina. It sits on the edge of some 180 acres of woods, streams, and meadows, with hiking trails, and meditation spots. This land is sacred with tremendous energy available for you. There is lodging available at the Light Center, which you can check on when you register.

If you want to stay in town, contact us and we can let you know where are good locations.

Visit The Light Center’s website HERE

Location: The Light Center, P.O. Box 1146  2190 US Hwy 9 South, Black Mountain, NC 28711 – 828.669.6845

Here is a photo widget from Picture Trail of the Light Center.

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