11:11:11 Ascension – Dance Wave

What are you doing on 11:11:11? (November 11, 2011) Find a CyberShamanic Dance Wave in your area and dance your way into, through and beyond this gateway into the 5th World of Light.


We begin our CyberShamanic Dance Waves with this first event. We will be creating a 2 hour transmission of some of the best trance dance style music – ala Shapeshifter Shamanic style. We’ll be posting snippets of sounds on our SoundCloud as we get going on the music next week. Right now, we just added some clips from previous recordings that we like as ideas for these dance waves.

CyberShamanic Dance Waves by ShapeshifterDNA

We are starting to gather hosts for this event and connecting with other event planners to see if we can get this event added to the roster. If you know of any events in your area, be sure to connect them to us. Maybe you want to host your own event too, so sign up and start planning your own celebration for this momentous day in our collective ascension journey of opening the Gates to the 5th World of Light.

Join our Social Networking Blog site for our CyberShamanic Dance Waves and start to meet others in your area to collaborate with on these events:

We have started a Global Meetup Group and our hosts and dancers are starting to sign up here to start the community in different areas. Please be sure to register and show your support to get these events going.

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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