Healing the Body

Everyone comes to these soundscapes with the ability to do many things, but it is ultimately up to you to energetically engage with heartfelt intent with these offerings in order to achieve your goals. The music reaches out to you and you reach out to it, meeting initially on some common ground, a similar harmonic chord, if you will. The music will assist you in various ways to connect to your cellular levels as well as your expanded multidimensional selves. Within those spaces is where you will find your healing. When dis-ease or dis-comfort arises in the physical body, it has been preceded by time spent in the energetic realms of your etheric bodies. As this awareness and knowledge increases for you and you come to truly understand the process of dis-ease of the physical body, you will no longer require the manifestation of this process any longer. The information you need can be found within the soundscapes, you just need to learn how to unlock the sonic keys to the doors that contain the specific information you need. The deeper you learn how to engage yourself fully with the sound, the more you can recover useful knowledge, wisdom and guidance from what is called your Akashic Records.

To begin, you can start by breathing very deeply and relaxing the body. Then start to focus in on the area of the body that needs healing. Place your hands on this location to direct healing energy. Connect to the sounds in the music, then breathe in this part of your body. Begin to let this area dance with the music. Feel each note or tone or modulation creating subtle movements there. Imagine that this location, organ or tissue, is a dancer and it is responding to each aspect of the music playing. This will awaken a sensation of joy and love within that space, as opposed to holding a feeling of it being damaged or dis-eased. As the Love energy starts to rise up more and more in this area, healing will occur. Knowledge and information will also start to surface to the mental body as to what might need to be done on a physical level to assist. Synchronicities will come to you as to directions you need to take. This is an unfolding experience and sometimes a miracle will happen quickly and it will transform and other times, it may take a while, depending on how locked in the groove of dis-ease you are engaged. However, the more you do this and the more you allow it to let go and to move into higher states of Love and Joy, the more you will experience it transforming and dissolving. This can be organ/tissue specific or it can just be the whole body, moving beyond healing specific issues to rejuvenating and youthing the entire being.

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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