New Release – DNA 1.5 Lucidity

DNA 1.5 LucidityOur newest in the DNA Activation series is now available. This one assist in moving towards more and more lucid states of awareness, both in your waking world and your dreaming states.

DNA 1.5 is a bridge, an encoded gateway of sonic transmissions that will take you from the foundations of DNA Activation LevelOne into the more expansive shamanic multidimensional worlds of DNA.L2.2012. As the inertial pull of the 3D world spirals downward into a generated control structure illusion of darkness and fear, limitation and lack; the new 5th World of Light rises up in a necessary response with a clearer expression of our divine heritage. MORE INFO HERE

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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