Shapeshifter goes IPHONE

We have been working on several apps to add to the new IPHONE & IPOD Touch mobile devices. We begin with a spin off from our DNA.L2.2012 series. There will possibly be up to 12 different apps for this series, with each one containing a channeled rant from the Shapeshifter collective and a few sound files to get people started on taking in the 2012 frequencies.

The initial app is free as a demo and the others will be a $2.99 download price. Be sure to download and add some reviews to get us started.

We do have other ideas we plan to create for the Iphone, so if any of you want to do some collaborations, let us know your ideas – perhaps we can bring our creative energies together.

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DNA 2012

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

2 thoughts to “Shapeshifter goes IPHONE”

  1. I’ve downloaded the FREE app in anticipation of the $2.99 app; however, I truat that the difficulties that are being reported are corrected by that time. It will be a shame to have such a GREAT opportunity marred by an app that locks up the iPhone/iPod and or kills sound and the phone has to be hard started.
    After I install and use the app, I will review again with comments and recomendations as they are appropriate. Ronald G.

    1. Hi Ron and thanks for your thoughts – yes, we have corrected this now and all is well. We were unfortunately depending on our developer to catch this as we didn’t have the iphone hooked up to test, only the simulator. But now all is well and right in the world again, so please leave a review when you can. We need more from those who really understand our work to share. We are almost finished with the next 2 and they hopefully will get approved and available within the next 3 weeks, so stay tuned. – JoAnn

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