DNA Activation – Upgrading to DNA.L2

DNA.L2 Series by ShapeshifterDNAFor many of you who started with the DNA LevelOne series it is time for you to step up into the DNA.L2 frequencies now. You may have had various thoughts about when or why you should move to the next level and maybe now is the time to review your life path. This series of higher dimensional frequeucies will assist you in many ways during the transformation process the planet and humanity is moving through during 2012-2032. This is one of the most powerful 20 year cycles you can consciously engage with.

We will be talking more about this work during the month of November, so if you have questions, comments or thoughts to share post them here, on our DNAvatar group or Facebook. Or just send us an email with your thoughts.

We have added below an overview of the topics we discussed in this podcast so you can easily find what you might want to listen to or relisten to later on.

Gary & JoAnn talk about DNA.L2
October 17, 2015

This audio contains the following topics of discussion:


  • Review of DNA Activation Journey
    LevelOne 1993-1996
    L2 2006-2008
    Vortex Rings of Support 1-2-3
    Journey of the Soul
    DNA 1.5 Lucidity 2011


  • Overview analogy of DNA Work
  • Foundation – LevelOne
  • Framework – 1.5
  • Decorating – L2


  • Gary shares views on DNA.L2
  • Evolution of Toltec Teachings / Castaneda
  • Moving beyond Language / Words


  • Bicameral Mind Development
  • Herding Consciousness to External World
  • Managed & Controlled Human via Technology
  • Forming Frequency Fences
  • Developing Resonance with Control Structures
  • DNA Music moves through multidimensional realms to continually expand and stretch consciousness
  • Butterfly Flapping Wings
  • Transcend the Matrix
  • Getting out of Electronic Net
  • Support from Outside


  • Intention to cause you to remember you Life
  • Remembering Life Experience
  • Longevity – Life Experience
  • Immortality
  • Maintain Awareness – Unifying Selves
  • Soul Level Awareness Development


  • Soul Contracts
  • Renegotiation
  • Stimulate Higher Awareness & Shed Old Concepts
  • Perceive Greater Visions of Life Path
  • Making Different Choices
  • Life Review
  • Developing Inner Compass out of Main Stream


  • Moving out of LevelOne into L2
  • Being Stuck
  • DNA.L2 opens new doorways
  • DNA 1.5 Creation Phase
    Dream States
    Developing Lucid Awareness in dreams and awaken states
  • Leaving the maze to affect your waking physical reality
  • Altered States Substances
  • Merge States & Become Fully Awake
  • Integrating frequencies in graduated balanced stages
  • Subconcious / Consciousness / Superconsciousness – Cooperation & Full Disclosure
  • 1.5 helps Emotional Clearing & Bridging Dark & Light


  • Secret to Manifestation
  • Remember you are Lucid
  • Revealing the Shadow
  • Balancing both Dark & Light
  • Releasing Fear to Reveal your Light


  • Spiritual Warrior Emerges
  • Transhumanism vs Organic Evolution
  • Immortality via Pharma Meds
  • Borg Existance vs Metaphysical
  • Controlling humanity through technology
  • Microwave Broadcasting
  • Brainwashing
  • Billions of Dollars towards Transhumanism
  • Hive Mind vs Creative Self Expression
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • You are the ONLY option – Conscious Evolution


  • Money & the Collapse
  • Direct Manifestation
  • Be Proactive
  • Corporation vs Real World
  • DNA.L2 opens other dimensions of Self
  • Repository of Energy
  • Creating Energy from those who intersect
  • Energetic Fuel


  • Break free of limits being imposed upon you
  • Music shifts to allow you to become more fluid
  • Modulate the Lifewave
  • Being flexible – Let Go & Flow
  • Control Structures creates stress to keep you off balance


  • Music designed to evolve you
  • Evolution is being open to change – quickly at times
  • More resistance – more issues you will experience
  • Music taps you into Higher Self
  • Resistances to our work in general – tangible and intangible
  • Personal development difficulty in creating L2
  • EDM Music – Dance, Exercise, Movement
  • New Chakra Music coming
  • Transhumanism – instant enlightenment
  • Youth influenced by tech world
  • Subservient usage of Technology


  • AI – NSA – back engineered
  • Alien Tech – Control Structure
  • First steps in Transhumanism
  • Trending – Learning – Squelching what is not in alignment
  • Evolutionary Flows
  • Soul Harvesting – Illuminati
  • Creating Platform – Groundswell Building up of Light
  • Music for free expands the consciousness field
  • Seeking funding to share music freely
  • Spend your money on your evolution
  • Christian Religion vs. Direct Transmissions unfiltered by human words
  • Alien Consciousness transmitting Evolutionary Information
  • DNAvatar – embody the New Music as ┬áLiving Thing
  • Giving Respect to the Music





JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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  1. Hi I like the work under do, it’s real interesting and vibrant , also uplifting
    Use two are nice people
    I think.what until two ,Garry and John.ann do , is similar to sound healing,mixed with dna activation.

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