DNA.L2.2012 #7 Released

Our next installment of the DNA.L2.2012 series is now completed #7 – capturing life on Planet Earth from July 2010 to Feb 2011. It was released to the core group who are assisting us in grounding these transmissions on 2.11.11. Each new release moves through various levels of intensity during this transition process which we all should be very aware of by now. As we ride through each incoming wave and then experience what that translates into for us in our 3D world, we move the transformational qualities of each experience into the soundscapes by capturing the frequencies related to it. The process can sometimes be described as grueling and bliss-filled at the same time. The creation journey seems long and tiring at times and then as it is released, waves of joy and completion fill our fields of Light with the gift of each new soundscape – a permanent record of life experienced during this timeline.

During this #7 transmission, we encompassed many shifts and changes in our personal lives. In Feb 2010, Spirit sent a clear message that it was time to leave our retreat space in Asheville, NC by sending a messenger in the form of a large tree on top of the house during a series of brutal winter storms. A near miss for me who was sitting under it 2 seconds before it hit – yes, we have guardian angels always watching out for us 🙂 The shift was immediate and it was clear – time to go NOW. We were already prepared and ready, plans and motion were already in place prior to the finale event, just waiting for the divine guidance to send a message. Adjusting to quick shifts is a necessary attribute to wield at this time, as many of you are probabably finding out as well. So we left our mountain retreat in May 2010 after repairs were completed to move back to the hustle and bustle of the city life again in Florida. Atlanteans at heart, we really missed the beach and the sunshine of our original home, Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg. For a year prior to our move, we were getting strong desires to be back in that area of the planet after being tucked away in the mountains for over a decade. We arrived just in time to be of assistance to the Gulf during the oil spill crisis. We spent most every night out at the beach, often with Grandfather Crystal just sending Light and holding space to clean up the mess and to bring resolve. We are so blessed here on the Gulf side to have missed some of the devastation that the panhandle experienced and we continue to send them our Love. Now that winter is passing, we are starting to go out again and bless the waters with our #7 soundscape. Watch for our sunset pictures on Facebook.

Also, it felt like the right time to return to Florida (our original home) as Gary’s Mom was moving quickly into her twilight years. We wanted to spend some good quality time with her before she moved into her ascending journey, which we did. We spent the holidays in the hospital and rehab center with her and she is now in a care facility. She is doing well and stable for now. She is a dear soul and is very much a part of the Shapeshifter energy on levels beyond her conscious awareness. She evolved so much in her lifetime by agreeing to bring Gary into this world – no easy task – LOL.

Once through that crisis and back at the #7, the old Mac OS9 started to really creep along, literally wheezing and grinding, like it could barely get itself to finish #7 with all these transdimensional waves of frequencies that needed to be captured. We patched it up and managed to get it done, just barely before it retired. But it was clear that another upgrade of tech was necessary for us to continue.

During this year long journey, we were challenged like all with the financial aspect of things. Sales of our product and support for this type of work is moved to the bottom of the list for many. While for others, it has moved to the top of their list. We’ve trimmed the fat as they say and pared down to make the necessary adjustments in our life to still do this work and not be hampered by the current games of fear and manipulation being played out with people’s energy fields. We won the lottery again this past summer at a crucial time – a nice influx of $5000 was a great help after the move process. It was another magically guided event just like the first time we won in our early years. Then right after the old Mac retired, another gift arrived to help us upgrade the equipment. We continue to learn more and more about the Abundance process and how it is shifting us into the 5th world templates more and more. I have been working on a webinar in which I will share many of the teachings we have received over our 22 years, in order to help others move more quickly into this reality as well – to be released in March 2011. All of this information can be found in the DNA.L2 soundscapes, the deeper you go, the more will be revealed to you. The more willing you are to step up and walk your path of Light above all else, the more quickly you can emerge on the other side of all this transitioning energy.

If you are feeling called to join in the journey of bringing forth these DNA.L2 soundscapes and to increase the Light for your own personal ascension process, you can now get the first 6 as a monthly download packet. We are also working on several new ideas to enable you to at least listen to them even if you don’t feel ready to sign up for the full program at this time – stay tuned for more soon.

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