DNA.L2.2012 Initiation – Weekend Events

We are now ready to start bringing the DNA.L2 soundscapes out into the world grid in group settings. For now, we are still in the creation phases of this project, but have been given the green light to start sharing them with those who want to immerse themselves in these new frequencies during a weekend event. Each person present will be contributing energetically to the project as we continue to build the vortex of intentions within them.

We will begin with an event in the St. Pete/Clearwater, Florida area over Labor Day weekend (Sept 3-4-5) and then another one in Asheville, NC at the end of October (Oct 29-30-31). Potential plans are also underway for an event in Johnson City, Tennessee the weekend after the Asheville event (Nov 5-6-7). There will be 6 sessions during these events, with each one focusing on listen to one of the soundscapes. This will primarily be an experiential event to assist in raising the Light quotient of participants to the highest levels in alignment with their soul path and mission work at this time.

At this time, we have completed 6 of the DNA.L2.2012 series, in which there will be 12 soundscapes eventually. Just like the LevelOne series, each CD will build upon the preceding one. With this L2 series, however, we are recommending that one listens to each one for a month and then moves on. This is a much quicker pace than the LevelOnes and should be take on by those who have already completed considerable work on their spiritual path.

If you would like for us to consider bringing one of these events to your area, contact JoAnn and we can talk about this further.

For more info, review this webpage:

If you are unable to attend and event, but would like to start working with the DNA.L2.2012 soundscapes, you can order the first 6 in the series here:

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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  1. I am interested in attending the Asheville gathering in October. I have extensive experience in a variety of approaches including level 1 activation series for about eight years. please provide me with more information. This is exciting news!

    Thank you

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