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PODCAST: Shivanti’s Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance
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Title: EPISODE 12 – Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance
Time: 06/14/2009 07:30 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Main points covered: -Family members re-incarnating within the same family group. Shivanti described her own experience in realizing that this had happened in her family. -Avoiding recycling through the same life experiences lifetime after lifetime by living more “consciously.” -Brief discussion of Bardo, or the bridge between incarnations. Knowing something about the nature of this transition can help us to assist others to make the transition more consciously. -The stage at which a baby acquires a soul. The relationship between the parents and the unborn child, including the “naming” of the child. It’s a question of frequency and vibration. -Knowing when to look for guidance outside of ourselves and when to find our answers within. Sometimes it’s difficult to see ourselves clearly, that is, to “see our own stuff,” and that’s when outside guidance can be very helpful. As we gain more assurance about our own intuition, we are not inclined to look elsewhere. -Trusting that everything we need in the way of understanding and guidance is right in front of us if we open our eyes. -The role of “intention” in getting in touch with our spirit guides and teachers. -The importance of integrating our life lessons. The DNA music at Visionary Music can be extremely helpful in this process.

Title: EPISODE 13 – Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance
Time: 06/28/2009 07:30 PM EDT
Episode Notes: -Shivanti’s response to a question about what it is that distinguishes Visionary Music’s DNA Activation music from other types of evolutionary music. She described the lifetimes of preparation that had brought its creators, Gary and JoAnn, to the point of being able to receive these powerful transmissions and then translate them into sound recordings. -Someone asked how one can tell their DNA is being activated. DNA activation is an aspect of individual evolution, enabling one to be a co-creator in their evolutionary process. The music comes into one’s life in response to the desire to evolve and also as a catalyst in supporting continuing evolution. One of the many ways it does this is by helping to reveal and then remove blockages that would keep one from moving forward. -Responding to the question about what it is that makes the Level 2 DNA Activation music different from Level 1, Shivanti referred to the 15 years of evolution and transformation that occurred between the first and second levels. This includes the individual spiritual growth of its creators, refinement of musical talent, and also improvements in technology which facilitate the expression of their musical vision. All of this is reflected in the Level Two music with its 10-fold expansion in range of frequency as compared to Level One. The Level Two music is a work in progress, and is expected to comprise a series of 12 recordings, each one contributing to the activation of our DNA. The music is responding to and keeping pace with the evolution of our planet.

PODCAST: Shivanti’s Pastlife Explorations
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Title: EPISODE 7 – Pastlife Explorations
Time: 06/21/2009 07:30 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Open Discussion on Pastlives – Q & A from listeners.

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