Shivanti’s Podcast Updates for August

Here are the podcast topics for August from Shivanti’s Evolutionary Guidance and Pastlife Explorations Teleconferences on Talkshoe Live.

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Title: EPISODE 14 – Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance

Time: 08/02/2009 07:30 PM EDT

Episode Notes: Topics: -Discussion of the Summer Solstice energy and the energy of the recent eclipses.  Shivanti mentioned that a number of people had felt a certain heaviness during this time, but that others had felt a kind of rejuvenation, and even a re-birth.  One way or the other, there has been a shift in the energy and, possibly, a speeding up of events.  This new wave signals an opportunity to move forward with the momentum, or else run the risk of being left behind.  Each individual will have to choose their course. -The shift in energy has been reflected in the passing away of several notable personality icons, including David Carradine, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Michael Jackson.  While each of these individuals made a valuable contribution to the culture, the changing times may be requiring a different set of values.  -With all the changes taking place in our world (including the downturn in the economy) everyone is having to review their values and life styles and re-think their plans.  Creativity and a willingness to change will bring forth new opportunities.  To support and inspire this effort, Shivanti is considering hosting webin ars where people can come together and share ideas.

Hosted by: Shivanti

Title: EPISODE 15 – Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance

Time: 08/16/2009 07:30 PM EDT

Episode Notes: Many topics were covered in this session of Evolutionary Guidance: -update regarding the recovery of Shivanti’s re-incarnated cat and the many lessons learned from this experience which we can all relate to.  One of the lessons is that when we’re under stress (as the cat was), we’re likely to learn where some of our emotional and physical weaknesses are.  This provides an opportunity for strengthening the areas of vulnerablility. -the DNA music can perform a similar function by bringing us into unfamiliar (and possibly stressful) areas where we are encouraged to explore new areas of ourself, new pockets of information and new dimensional realms.  The listening experience, when approached consciously and with “intention,” can yield valuable learning. -brief discussion of “channeling”:  When Shivanti once considered the possibility of becoming a channel, she made the decision that she would rather stay “present” than yield up her consciousness to another entity (which might possibly lead to a schism in one’s being) -the value of “toning” both individually and in a group.  The benefit of toning with a group is that individuals can set a common intention to bring forth certain experiences.  The “Transmission of Light Codes” music includes some toning.  It allows one to explore different musical landscapes and also serves as a transition between the DNA Level One and DNA Level Two music. -In this period of change we are confronting the belief systems that keep us from manifesting.  They are like outmoded formulas for how the world operates.  Even though it is challenging to face these false formulas, it can also be a very liberating experience so long as we’re willing to go with the flow and keep our thought open. -A brief discuss ion of the meaning of “superluminal energy”: it is like pre-creation, pure potential energy.  Through our “intention” we decide what will be created.  The possibilities are infinite! -Dreams  can be a gift, inviting us to leave behind limiting linear logic and be open to new ways of thinking and doing things. -We are entering into a long Kali Yuga cycle.  How we experience this cycle (often considered to be a difficult cycle) depends upon our attitude.  Historically, it has been a period of great awakening for those who are willing to awaken from the dream and turn challenges into opportunities. -Someone reported that they had lost a precious chakra pendant.  This led to an inspiring discussion about how “loss” can be turned into gain if we can keep our thought open.  We are living in a time when there will be many changes (including  possible losses) so  an experience like the lost chakra pendant can be an opportunity to practice letting go of the old in order to make room for the new.

Hosted by: Shivanti

Title: EPISODE 16 – Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance

Time: 08/30/2009 08:00 PM EDT

Episode Notes: Topics Included: Reviewing pastlives by going back and changing the past to effect your future, resolving pastlife death issues, anxiety, rewiring neural pathways, moving through foreclosure and resolving personal feelings about it, moving towards compassion and understanding during these times when society is restructing, greed/corruption shifting to Light eventually, how to raise vibration to a more positive, altered substance to assist in opening up consciousness, using DNA Music to shift energy, substances that affect the body, stimulants cover up the ability to deepen ones soul connection, unable to utilized shamanic states when using substances to get through the day, restructuring society, EMFs and microwaves, new businesses being more conscious and aware rising up, restructuring money system, shift your direction away from mass media to see what is really changing, tapping into 5th World Energy, engage more with what is going on in those realms and not engage in the old world, EMF, microwaves,, conspiracy vs. ignorance, stepping up to create change, more people are evolved now on the planet to assist in this shift

There was only one show on Pastlife Explorations this month.

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Hosted by: Shivanti

Title: EPISODE 8 – Pastlife Explorations

Time: 08/09/2009 07:30 PM EDT

Episode Notes: Pastlives with our animals

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