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The following podcasts are from our previous shows on Talkshoe Live with Shivanti.

5/24/09 Episode 6 – Pastlife Explorations
An open Q&A format to talk about various aspects of pastlife explorations. Topics related to  Shivanti’s process in doing readings and how these readings can assist someone in their current life to clear through blocks and resistances that may have become habitual.

5/17/09 Episode 11 – Evolutionary Guidance
Topics Discussed: Alien Music: a discussion of the meaning of “alien,” both in terms of on-planet beings and off-planet beings. Shapeshifters’ experiments with alien music leading to the decision to focus on actual 3-D situations playing how here and now Dealing with so-called negativity by coming from the standpoint of “unity” or love. From this standpoint we can intelligently engage with the energy we “name” negative and deal with it appropriately. This includes dealing with physical/bodily situations like pain. Sometimes by bringing appreciation to the situation, we can resolve the problem and, at the same time, transmute it into a learning opportunity. -Everything is energy, including ourselves. We are energetic beings, and things are always shifting. Because of this, we should think twice before “naming” something, which confers on it an apparent reality. In order to understand a situation or condition, it is helpful to try to trace the energy back to its source. -Even as we allow things to “play out,” there are times when we need to specifically address a situation/condition. We might ask: What is the best way of dealing with this for the highest good? Or, What is the positive aspect of this situation?   -Living with impeccability/blamelessness regardless of what is going on in our life. The DNA music and its value in helping us explore the various energies and emotions we experience in our life.

4/19/09 Episode 10 Evolutionary Guidance
The challenges and lessons learned from the death of a pet. The value of homeopathic remedies and flower essences when dealing with our pets. A reminder that animals are evolving along with us. They are very sensitive to what’s going on. – Response to a question about whether there is value in knowing about our past lives: Past lives give us perspective on what is going on in this life since we are under the influence of past life patterns and energies. Among other things, they might account for certain belief systems we hold. Even though there are new technologies that might help to dissolve past life imprints, there is still the need for a mental release. – Response to a question about the emotional/energetic reasons for hair loss. Might be accounted for by hormonal imbalance triggered by emotional challenges. Might relate to a sense of emotinal tightening or contraction as opposed to a sense of abundance and being taken care of. – Question about chakra balancing exercises. There is often a “feeling tone” we experience with each chakra, giving us clues about which chakras are in need of balancing. Work on the chakras you’re not feeling anything from. Start by working with the seven main chakras, and eventually include the higher chakras. Consider using a “roter-rooter” type action to spiral energy up the central column in order to release blockages. A reminder that each chakra has different layers connected to it that need attention. Lower chakras are sometimes neglected, but they are as important and as spiritual as the others. – The value of the “breath” in clearing energy and releasing blockages from the energy system. By the use of “intention,” breath, and affirmation, we can accomplish a lot. The chakras are clock-wise spinning vortices. One valuable breath technique is to inhale prana from both the root chakra and the crown chakra and then exhale through particular chakras. (We intuitively know how to do all this.) We are energy beings as well as physical beings. We can talk to our body and request information about hos best to support it. – We are leaving the 3rd dimension and moving into the 4th. In the process we see 3rd dimensional structures breaking down. It’s important to keep a higher perspective about what is going on so we don’t become discouraged. Ask yourself, How can I see this from a higher perspective?

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