2009 Message – Dream the Impossible into the World Grid

We are posting our 2009 Visionary Music Message to share a bit about our thoughts from 2008 and what we feel is coming in 2009 and what Shapeshifter will be working on this year. You can view this in whatever way you like – YouTube, Itunes Podcast or read it here or download the PDF.

2009 Message – Dream the Impossible into the World Grid

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX4JhYmPrgg

2008 brought forth many shifts and changes for us all. In the future when we look back at that year, we will see what amazing leaps we have all made in our lives. When we look at it all from a higher perspective, we can see that it will have been a time of preparation, so that we can now step into our new roles as leaders and stewards of the new world that is emerging as the old one is fading away. It is in these new roles that we will bring forth new visions for our world that have been initiated by the breakdowns and shifts that are occurring now throughout the infrastructure of our society. For some, their work is now ending or slowing down as they have done their part of shining streams of Light into the darkest corners of humanity. It is to them that we owe a great deal of gratitude for their work on the planet. There are others of us who must now step up into a more active leadership roles on the planet to assist further in the transformation process. The 5th world teachings of honor, integrity and impeccability in our actions will need to be injected into the masses who are now looking for a way out of what seems like a dead end reality. On many levels this is true, the time of greed, corruption and manipulation of souls for one’s personal gain is over. There are enough resources on this planet to allow each person to live their life in alignment with their highest potentials and to do so in accordance with maintaining a sustainable world for future generations to come. There are many who are not sure what to do during these times and they will find groups and organizations in which to involve themselves so that they can be an active participant in this transition.

The lightworkers and starseeds that have been in development and in training for the last few decades are ready to move into their roles of birthing various projects in all of the important areas of society that need to evolve their way of doing business – from education, health care, social services, energy, environment, government and business.

One of the forms of working together in the future will not be in developing large corporations, but will come from smaller groups and individuals coming together to complete projects with each person bringing to the project their highest and best skills available. A higher level of synergy will occur as this happens. Each person will be rewarded for their contributions and each will have a stake in the outcome of the project as benefits and profits will be shared among the developers and creators. With this model, it brings out the best from all those involved.

We all know the money system is going through many changes at this time. Keep in mind that while some may be speaking of lack and limitation in regards to money, that no money has left the planet, it is all still here. In fact, you are probably aware that there actually seems to be more money coming into the planetary grid all the time.  It is being redistributed, reallocated and moved around to accommodate the new world emerging. Rather than believe in scarcity, hold firm to your belief that Abundance energy is now moving into the hands of those who have the consciousness and awareness to use it for the betterment of all mankind. Money is simply energy and the new flow in this emerging world speaks to those with compassion, generosity, philanthropy, a sense of unity and altruistic visions of a world where each person is able to pursue their dreams and visions in a sustainable world. From our perspective, being engaged in the higher creative arts, we know this energy feeds the souls of humanity, whether you are an artist or a patron, in a way the allows you to keep dreaming about the magic of being in a human form and the possibilities yet to unfold within them.

We all know this transformation will take time to manifest, but we also know that this is why we have all been building up our Light, so that we can sustain and support ourselves during this transition. For many of us, this is what we came here to do. No matter what your 3D circumstances start to look like, remember to hold the greater part of your being in the manifestation of the 5th World in order to assist in the transformation and ascension process. Keep shifting your thoughts and perceptions about what appears to be happening around you to the higher realms. Remember how you have done this in your personal lives throughout these past years. You have done this work already, so you are prepared now to assist others on this journey. Now it is time to share your Light and your knowledge with those are still unaware or just awakening. There will be many who do not know what to do during these times and they will be seeking guidance and Light from you to assist them in navigating the upheavals in their lives. In alignment with the divine plan, Lightworkers have been strategically placed all over the world to be of service as needed. By remembering to maintain a constant state of observation and holding a higher perspective on the worldly events as they occur, you will be able to help many make the necessary shifts in consciousness in order to be in resonance with the 5th world as it grounds to the Earth Grid. You will also come to a deeper understanding of our multidimensional DNA activating soundscapes now and how they have assisted you in where you are and where we are going from here. As you engage with the DNA Activation LevelOne Series and all the other accompanying soundscapes in our catalog during this time, you will find they are releasing yet another wave of information that will further assist you in stepping up into your next levels of manifestation on this journey. Ask for this download to come forth and it will be received.

While we are working on bringing through the DNA L2 work with a group of dedicated lightworkers, it is still feeding the DNA Level One energy to evolve and expand its frequency range. If you have not deepened your work with the DNA LevelOne series yet, now is the time to do so. Many of you have only scratched the surface of their full potential at this time. We will begin a series of webinars this year to help you learn how to go even deeper than you have with this work. Now that you have taken many other trainings and teachings in related fields of study, you will have an even greater appreciation for this work and how it plays a significant role in your ascension process and the planetary ascension process. The mental body has received the levels of knowledge necessary to now let go a little bit more and move into the experiential process further. Where you are going next will require more leaps of faith and trust to know within you that you are actually reaching out into a space that will support your lifeforce. You will not be dissolving into nothingness, but you will be stepping into a greater expanse of who you are. Now that you have cleared away many layers of fear and resistance and have the willingness to step further into this adventure, know that you will be supported as many have already gone before you and have laid the foundations and prepared the groundwork for you. As you listen deeply into the music, becoming sound in form, you will hear that calling from your Soul to connect with your divine missions. Your talents and skills and knowledge will all come together and you will share these gifts along with others and birth many new projects that are ready to actualize on the planet.

It should be clearer to you where you are aligned now and where you are not, so the choices that you need to make become much easier. Your thoughts are connecting with each other in ways in which you know deep within your heart that these are the people, the places and the events that you need to be a part of. You resonate with the visions, the missions and the joy within you that tells you that it is time to make the necessary shifts in your life so that you can be fully present to participate with others who hold these same visions. Your inner passion will rise up — out of that which is falling away.

If you have not connected with your purpose and mission work yet, then ask with sincere intent as you engage with the music to bring this forth quickly in your life so that you may feel connected to the movement of energy that is now flowing onto the planet. Each of us has our place to be and our work to do in these coming years as we move towards our 2012 harmonics and beyond.  Much work needs to be done and it can all be done in great joy as we know in our hearts and minds that this is what we came here to do.

Remember always that this music is a divine gift to humanity during this time and will assist each of you on your unfolding journey. No matter what forms you choose to engage with, the music will align you with the higher path of that vision.

During these years, we will all be coming together to accomplish many projects and we will weave in and out of each others lives as we share our gifts with each other. We, shapeshifter,  will be looking to collaborate with many of you to assist your goals as we fulfill ours. We are all facets of the divine expressing our unique gifts and each of us has many roles to play during these shapeshifting times upon us. We are also looking for those who manage the new financial resources to assist us in moving all our projects forward.

Dream big, dream often and take actions on those dreams. Let the music gently guide you in the directions of highest resonance so that you may choose wisely where to spend your time and energy. Walk through dissonance quickly and bless each experience as a great part of the whole experience you are here to engage with as an observer and an active participant.

Whether you are calling this time your transition, your ascension, grounding heaven on earth, shifting to the 5th World – we are all working towards the same goals. Don’t get caught in the semantics as that creates more division, just allow all expressions to be seen as facets of the Divine.

When you are ready to start engaging with the DNA L2 transmissions you will know deep within that it is time. These frequencies that are coming through in each of the 12 soundscapes are for those who are clearly moving into their roles as teachers and leaders in their communities and have clear visions in their minds eye as to where they want to direct their time, energy and resources. While we are still learning what this L2 series offers us, as we are currently in the development phase now with almost 4 of the 12 completed, we can tell you that they are very powerful in shifting you out of density and complacency and aligning you with your purpose for being here. With the LevelOne series, one was able to take their time in going through them so that they could heal all levels of their being. It required much recapitulation work, cleansing and detoxing of the bioenergetic form, resolving karmic debts and the release of dark threads of energy throughout many of their pastlives.  The L2 will be a much greater accelerated journey. One in which you will need to be ready to work with one a month and quickly move on to the next for optimal effectiveness. This leaves no time for dwelling or finding complacent places to hide while pondering walking your path. This is for those who are clearly ready to move forward at a quickened pace.

So what can you expect from Visionary Music during 2009 – of course, mostly more great music for you to expand your adventures into multidimensional space with. As we stated above, we move into this year with 3 soundscapes completed for the new DNA L2 series. We will be finishing up the remaining 9 as one of our primary areas of focus during this year. We would like to be finished with the series by the end of the summer. Each one builds on the preceding one and all the people who have gathered to bring this project to fruition are contributing their energy towards something that will greatly assist mankind in the collective ascension process for many years to come. This series will easily bring people through the 2012 alignments and beyond that into settling into their new bodies of Light and to ground and actualize the many amazing projects that are being brought forth from the 5th dimensional realms on to the Earth grid. This series brings in new levels of manifestation and allows the magic that once thrived on the planet to again emerge into the hearts and minds of those souls who understand how to navigate this reality from an energetic perspective. Those who have chosen to assist us in bringing through these DNA L2 transmissions are involved in many different vocational areas – education, health, economics, business, politics, arts, spirituality – more expansive Light in all these areas are needed to shift things to a higher perspective. They are taking their roles as stewards of this emerging energy and injecting it into the Earth grid to assist in the transition. If you are called to do work that requires you to operate from the higher levels of your being most of the time, then consider contributing your energy and resources to the DNA L2 project.

In addition to this project, we also have the Transmissions of Light Codes project, which we call TLC, in various stages of development. We plan to  release about 6 new soundscapes in this series this year. One of the things we are planning to do with these is to begin releasing them as podcasts on Itunes. We will be using the music along with some additional tracks of vocals, chants, spoken word, guided imagery and rants from some of today’s leading edge thinkers, artists and creatives. We are working on creative ways for you to engage with us in this adventure. You should start seeing some of this emerging within the next few months. This project actually is much larger in scope and it will continue to evolve, initially by adding visuals for some YouTube broadcasts. From there, we want to move into theatre productions where we can utilize the amazing sounds systems used in the movie theatres. The TLC project may eventually merge with the DNA L2 project and we will be creating a series of animated films shown in theatres across the planet. Our biggest vision for this would lead to a 3D animated film shown in an Imax with surround sound for a totally mind altering experience. If any of this speaks to you out there with any of the parts that we will need to manifest the various aspects of this project, lets connect and see where this might lead. We will begin with extending our hands out to many other creatives out there to collaborate on this energy and bring it out onto the World grid.

We recently polled many of our customers to find out how they were doing with their experiences with the soundscapes to see if they were getting the most benefit from working with them. What we found is that many are not fully understanding yet the full scope of what this multidimensional music and sound can do for one in their life. Many have used them in their meditations, but have not really been going deeper into shamanic journey work. This is where the music really can take you on the adventure of transformation in to the higher realms of Light and Magic. Sound healing work is another area that was not quite clear to many who were engaging. While the music alone can be an amazing listening experience, we would like to have people start to go deeper into their understanding of using music and sound for profound transformational work and on into manifestation of your dreams and desires. Rather than have us travel to do workshops or to have you travel here, we are planning to create a series of webinars so that you can learn and study this information right in your living room. For those of you who have not participated in any webinars yet, it is something that can be accessed easily from your browser and your telephone. We are still looking into some of the various services out their to select the one that we feel will meet our needs. In alignment with this, we are also working on the 2nd Volume of the DNA Activation book which will accompany the DNA L2 project. We will be using some of the teachings from these webinars to create the book. There will likely be some audio books as well as written books developed from this project. We expect to begin with our first webinar in Feb. If you have ideas or suggestions for these webinars, please feel free to communicate them to us.

I will be adding a new feature my 3rd Eye website by offering regular teleconferences for Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance. I am using the TalkShoe website to host them. These conferences will be primarily a question and answer format and will cover any topics that participants are wanting to explore further. One of the biggest topics that comes up is pastlife information and many people are interested in knowing all about that subject and of course, who they were in their pastlife and how it is affecting their current lifepath. While in depth readings won’t be given on these calls, many will receive direct guidance as it comes forth. These calls will be recorded and made available as a podcast available on TalkShoe and on Itunes. These calls will take place every Sunday at different times to accommodate different timezones. Be sure that you are on my 3rd eye mailing list to be notified of this schedule.

The year ahead is uncertain in many ways and learning how to navigate through uncertainty is something that most lightworkers have already trained themselves to be ready for. What the collective is going through now, the lightworkers have already walked through in various forms. So it is time for us to be available, with Love, with Open Hearts and understanding for what may seem insurmountable for some to get through. These are the times we were training for, so always look back and remember the gifts and the miracles that have been bestowed upon you over and over again and then hold that space of gratitude with you at all times. As we know the power of our thoughts and intentions manifest even more quickly in our lives now, so if you need to spend anytime in the density or heaviness, remember to lift back out of that as quickly as you can in order to hold the higher levels of Light in your life and for those around you. The more of us that can do this, the quicker this transformation for the masses will be and we can all get on to more joy-filled things in our lives.

Remember the music was a gift from Spirit to help us all hold the Light and shift to the higher realms in a smoother, easier way so that we could pave the way for others. Our path with our work is clearer now than ever before, as the dinosaurs are falling the phoenix is rising from the ashes to assume the roles of leaders and stewards of this New World. If you look to the new leadership team of this country now taking office, as an example of what can happen with the dream of one person and a grassroots effort to engage the people in the process, you will know that miracles can truly happen. No matter what your political views are, President Obama was able to make happen what seemed to be the impossible dream. With his inspirational messages and his calling for hope and change, we all are now being called to rise up and meet this same energy within ourselves. We can truly do better. He has raised the bar on what can be achieved if one only dares to dream the impossible into form. Now is not the time to sit and be complacent, it is time for you to go deep within yourself  and ask what it is you really want to make happen in your life and then start doing it.

We look forward to sharing light and love with you during this coming year and seeing you move forward on your evolutionary path of Light. Many blessings of Sound and Music – Namaste

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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