2016 Message from ShapeshifterDNA

New Year again, wow, time really moves fast these days. We feel we have been in a bit of a hibernating phase of life for a while and starting to feel more like it is time again to come out and see what is next for us. We share this with in you in the following audio message. Enjoy and we look forward to connecting with you soon.


2016 Message from Gary & JoAnn

Now that the new year is getting started, we wanted to share with you our visions for this coming year. For the last several years, we have been deeply engaged in our personal transformation process. We have been preparing ourselves on many levels to be ready for the next phase of our work.

Since the crescendo of beliefs culminating at the end of 2012 there has been a strong shift that has taken place among those who were just trending the concepts related to conscious evolution and those who were serious about doing whatever it takes to make the shift. This is akin to the metaphor of separating the wheat from the chaff. Not everyone who originally thought they were energetically prepared for an internal shift were truly ready.

We know that the path of sincere transformation is not an easy journey. This path is for those who choose to stand up to adversity, to bring out the strength of the inner warrior that exists within us all. It is filled with great challenges, but also great rewards. For us, there is no question but to continue.

Gary feels he has so much more music in him yet to come. Music and sound that is even more powerful and potent than what he has already done. With new technology, he can bring forth even more amazing soundscapes for us all to expand our consciousness, and levels of manifestation. His spiritual development work has reached a new level as well and he feels very ready now to start bringing through a whole new round of soundscapes for those who are really dedicated to the ascension process and are here to bring forth the 5th world templates into positive manifestation. The next phase begins with the DNA Level Three work of truly becoming a DNAvatar.

I’m going to assume that if you have chosen to listen to this message that you have an interest in our work and are engaging with the soundscapes on a regular basis. Even with all the personal growth work and clearing work we have all done, there was even more we have had to go through to stand on the ground that we are now.

Personally, I have found this process to be some of the most challenging life explorations I’ve been through. Even so, the great blessing to me was having the music continually guiding me forward, showing me new gateways and portals into the realms of Light and receiving the transmissions of data showing me the higher purpose of it all. I know that we have lost many during this time because of the difficulty of the journey. Weakness is a choice. You know this…

For those of you still here, listening, we are assuming you are beginning to feel the lift of energy coming this year that will assist us all in continuing to build the pathways to the a new way of being in Flow and with a new activation of higher purpose. Many of us will need to come together to make this happen – this includes in the higher realms as well as on 3D. Remain in limitation or take the adventure of attempting to create the foundation for much more positive and open probable futures. We would rather be part of the solution rather than participate in the Limitation.

Last night before I went to sleep, in my journeys I asked guidance to bring forth the information that I most needed to share with you at this time. Upon awakening I was shown a vision that was beyond words to describe, but the best way I can put it was that I was looking at an amazing sunset that was clearly a 3D view. In the middle of that vision was a dome shape that was a 5th world sunset which was so much more brilliant in color and vibrancy – I was left totally in awe. The visceral feelings and the vibrational sensations I was feeling were so intense that I am reminded once again why this process needs to take the time it needs to take for proper integration into one’s being. This lucid vision stayed with me all morning as a reminder that we are bringing this world into form gradually, with each of us doing our parts to manifest it.

Gary and I have found the DNA.L2 soundscapes to be very powerful in our explorations during these last few years and they continue to reveal more layers as we go deeper into the denser and somewhat darker levels of our multidimensional reality matrix. Not only darker, but incongruous and angular, to our normal linear patterns of experiencing 3D reality. None of us are immune from the imperative to transform these layers. You can choose to keep the doors closed as long as you want, even a lifetime – with enough distractions and your tacit engagement in the static of the external world. Eventually, but most likely much sooner than later due to accelerating planetary transformation, you will need to embark upon the journey to transform your inertia and density to be able to effectively function in a new state of Flow. There is no hiding from this.

We all share in the responsibility for what we are seeing and experiencing on the planet right now. Some of it is great, but some of it is very obviously not. Shakeups on many levels are occuring due to resistance and control issues in the collective consciousness. Each of us has a role to play in this current transformational phase. Are you doing everything you can to bring that forth in your reality?

Often the initiation of change is very difficult to implement without the support of others around you believing in the work you are doing and seeing the higher purpose in doing it. We know personally that many of the missions given, at first may require great sacrifices. Family and friends may strongly suggest you just follow the accepted norms and don’t step out into the unknown because it is fearful and threatening to your 3D levels of survival.

Only you can decide just how far you plan to go in this lifetime to attain the necessary energetic momentum that will enable you to continue doing what you believe you came here to do. You set the pace – we have always told you that you can stop, start or pause these incoming waves at anytime if you need to assimilate and process what you have taken in. Many initially said they wanted to accelerate the process, but it is not always an easy thing to do as we all have many layers of clearing work that were needed to be done.

With that said, Gary and I agreed early on to forge ahead of the curve and bring back the teachings in the form of these sonic energy amplifiers and accelerators to enable those with higher awareness to be able to unravel the information and begin utilizing this data and energetic support to assist in their personal missions.

At this time, we will continue whether you participate or not. You choosing to lend some level of support through the purchasing of our offerings, through your donations allow us to go even farther and to create into being even more profound energy. Energy that we can assure you that Planet needs right now on many levels.

The concept being actualized is that of using multidimensional sound as a way of attaining higher knowledge, wisdom, manifestation and energetic flow by opening direct conduits to Source Vibration through the frequency fences and control structures on the planet.
One of the greater purposes for this work is also to anchor in the energetic ascension actualization process in the human body and energy fields. To release the greater potential. The hundredth monkey realization is close, we sense the crest of the Wave drawing near. You are going to begin seeing many mental stimulation based teaching styles breaking down as those who espouse them in the mind are not fully living the principles in actuality. Each layer however reveals new aspects of the greater journey.

As we evolve on this ascending journey, the deeper teachings are going to rise up out of the many projects that are being transmitted through the evolutionary creatives. There will be dramatic shifts away from lectures, classes and workshops towards immersive experiences such as transformational festivals, conscious dance, drumming, group shamanic journeys and more. Participatory events where the audience becomes a part of the energy being transmitted. The times of idolizing and putting teachers or gurus up on impossible pedestals is coming to an end. This is true for many levels of authority figures in all types of fields.

As was the case with the LevelOne series, it takes us many years after the Level 2 came through to fully embrace and integrate the high levels of data flow present in these multidimensional soundscapes. Gary brought the Level 2 series through from 2008 to 2012 during intense waves of the collective and personal evolutionary ascension processes. After that He was way overdue for a much needed rest as he had been taking in these transmissions heavily since around 1990, releasing 26 albums in the time period. He has reconfigured his being now as well as his technology and is feeling ready for the next step of his journey, the Level 3 work.

In alignment with that, we also see that the first phase of the DNA Activation work on the planet is complete and the next phase we see is that of becoming a DNAvatar. An Avatar is a being tha fully embraces and embodies a higher level teaching or concept. Those of you ready to continue will find this new work to be quite powerful and transformative.

He begins this series with the first soundscape which is an upgraded chakra balancing piece that incorporates all of the Chakras, including the Higher Chakras beyond the Crown. He is utilizing and moving the Assemblage Point of conscious awareness through the entire energetic field of the body in all of its accessible dimensions – what the Toltecs call the Luminous Egg. So one facet of this creation is a continuance of the work of Casteneda brought into current times. There is much more than this which he will talk a bit about as we go along. We have confidence this is the most powerful and potent Chakra music on the planet at this time.

He also plans to continue with his new expression called G•Mage – we see this music for the transformational festivals and conscious dance movements. The dance work is one of my passions and I look forward to having more of this music available so I can create more dance events this year. I also see the possibilities of doing some weekend events so that some of you from other parts of the planet can come and join in these experiences.

Selling music has been a challenge in this new world of the music business. While we did well up until just a few years ago, so much has changed. Perhaps 1% are buying CDs and the rest were downloads. However, even that has changed now to most people accessing music via services like ITunes or Spotify.
The era of streaming music has arrived. This format is great for the consumer to only pay a roughly $10 monthly fee, but it is not great for many artists to make a living off selling their music in those venues unless they have a large fan base. Also those of awareness will find that the really interesting and powerful transformative sounds are not to be found on these corporate aggregate venues.

Our music is for a relatively small but conscious audience, of which you should be a part of or you would not be listening to this now. So this doesn’t really translate into a way for him to make a living off selling his music as even if he sold short tracks, he ends up getting about .001 cent per stream. We usually get about $20 a month now from the files we do have on iTunes and similar players. Certainly not enough for him to be able to continue to really evolve his efforts. Playing out live is out for us at this creative stage of our lives. Many musicians find that touring and selling merchandise is bringing in their revenue, but not album sales anymore.

The other factor facing us now are the shifts in what it takes to sell product on the Interwebs. The Internet world is changing so rapidly now. As a web developer & Internet marketer since the web started, I have seen so much change and it is really challenging to keep up with the enforced changes that are now constantly occurring. Now you need this to be a part of the Game, or now you need that. The mega corps create these states of unbalance and constant change because it is there new model to drive sales.

Google and its emerging A.I. technology are making people jump through lots of hoops to get recognized in search results. It’s an endless game of cat and mouse. Once you think you have it down, they decide to change the rules again. So I feel I have to start stepping out of that chaotic flow as the energy within it is not conducive to the higher work I am here to do. Those of you engaged heavily in the Internet marketing world will know what I’m talking about here.

So with that, what we have come up with for now is to start putting out a weekly transmission of higher frequencies and attract to us those who are in resonance with this level of the work. I do regular group sound healing sessions here in my area and the energy is so powerful during these sessions. Now I know it won’t be the same as being in a group of physical beings. But, I feel that over time, the energy of this process will build and you will begin to understand the levels of reality that Gary and I are connecting to. You will feel the support on these levels translate into your works, projects and missions.

We will select different times each Sunday so that we can cover those in different time zones. I think this will evolve over time and based on your input and feedback, we will make adjustments to the presentation. Our first transmission includes the new soundscape that Gary has been working on for the last year that is almost completed. It is an advanced chakra balancing soundscape that goes beyond the basic 7 and integrates the alpha and omega chakras and the additional 7 above the crown. There are several teachings online regarding these higher chakras which will give you more insights into their purpose for those of us on an ascending path at this time.

We are asking you to support this work if you want to see it continue to evolve into new realms of experience in whatever way that you can. Continue to purchase our products and services, sending us donations and sharing our links and posts with your friends to increase our fan base.

This effort that we begin with here is the beginning of a larger vision of having our own streaming service that transmits higher consciousness thoughts and music 24/7 which we seek higher funding for so these projects can manifest. That vision will provide us with a comfortable income and manifestation, and will allow the music to eventually be freely given away to all who choose to experience it. Those of you with large financial resources should now step up and support the development of this greater vision without hesitation because it needs to fill the airwaves for the positive evolution of humanity at this time. We have earned the right to steward this level of energy after this many years of dedication.

As some of you know I have always maintained a private healing practice online and here in my area at the Longhouse Healing Arts center in st. Pete Florida. I redesigned the 3rd Eye website last year and brought all my sessions together into something I call a Spiritual MRI. This is a pretty comprehensive diagnostic system for assessing where you are in your spiritual evolutionary path. I examine the chakra system, the auric layers and core level past lives that are currently impacting your life path. You will receive spiritual guidance as well as engage in a deeper shamanic journey session to create a truly transformational experience.

All of this also initiates upgrades in your DNA to the next levels as well. I’m suggesting this type of session now for those who really want to understand where they are on their journey and where to focus their energy to maximize their focus and efforts moving forward. IT is like getting a yearly physical on the status of your spiritual evolution. These can be done online as well as here in the St. Petersburg area in our Odyssey sound and light space. If you want to travel here on vacation, be sure to let me know and we can set up some special sessions for you. I also teach several classes each month and that might also fit in with your plans. I’m also giving thoughts to some online webinars towards the summer in many of the related areas that I teach.

So to sum up our plans for the year, Gary will be receiving transmissions and he will be translating that information into new soundscapes for you to enjoy and engage with to help you in advancing your ascension journey. We will be opening up new portals to help you in expanding your consciousness. He will also be creating smaller tracks for you to dance, move and exercise too for enhancing the development of your light body and nurturing your physical body.

In addition to this I started a sound healing school last year to start teaching sound healing to more people who are ready to engage.
I will be expanding this program working towards offering CEs for massage therapists and health care practitioners. I will also be creating more online programs in alignment with these programs for those of you not in this area.

We look forward to sharing our first transmission with you soon. More details about this will be sent via email, so stay tuned.

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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    I am questioning you again about the book that I would like to use the soonest possible, which this is entitled DNA Activation -using multidimensional sound&music to awaken humanitys highest potential! There are the DNA activation sounds-Level 1 -1,2,3and 4. So I would like to actually know how can I access this material. Thank you again

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