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DNA Activation Site Update

For anyone who is involved in web development these days, you’ll know what a challenge it is becoming to keep up with it all. I resisted, I pouted, I waited – ooops, think I waited too long. While I was taking a break from staying up to date with all the web stuff, it changed dramatically.

At least that is my perspective after being a web developer since the web began. The shifts and changes in the last few years have been the most dramatic since it started…I think. So I decided I could either keep up for a while longer or just do something else. I decided I still had the brain power to take it on, so I plunged deep into the new responsive web design code world. It was hard at first, but then as I got going, I really started to enjoy it and now am feeling quite comfortable once again calling myself a web developer. I used this site as my first step into this new realm of coding and creating websites. While I am still going to have to keep learning each day as there is more and more that I have to understand to fully support all the content that Gary and I create and where to put it and how to put and then of course how to get it out there to the people who Love IT 🙂 (that’s YOU)

Along with the new website design and the responsive format for viewing on all the various viewports these days, I have updated the content and also authored a few new books which we’ve added to the Kindle Ebook Marketplace. Basically we are shuffling some things around a bit and rebranding as they say. I’ve tossed out some things and added some new updates based on new research in our work in DNA Activation. While we have lots more to go, this is the start and a place where I can start to build awesome content once again. Take a look around, let me know if it looks odd on any of your devices – hopefully I’ve tested it enough that it is all fine, but I’m always open to hear suggestions and comments. It is also set up for visually challenged folks, so if you view it that way, feedback would be great.

If you like the site, please do the usual now and Share It with your Social Networks and Like It so that the search engines once again see we are a reputable resource for the topic of DNA Activation. We are active in all the main networks, so you can Like It, Tweet It, Pin It and PlusOne It to your hearts’ content. All the apporpirate buttons are in place for you to do this easily. Connect with us and we will follow you back and keep the Light flowing through the net.

Next Step – the main Visionary Music site gets a complete overhaul – please, send me lots of Light on this one 😉


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