New Sound Healing Program begins in St. Pete, Florida

Odyssey Sound Healing ProgramThis begins a new evolution of our work with the Sound & Light room, the Odyssey. We have worked privately in this space and with many clients. It is now time for others to begin using this space for their personal healing and transformation.

This is an advanced course in Sound Healing using the energy enhancement environment called the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple. The objective for participants in this series of classes is to learn various sound healing techniques using ShapeshifterDNA’s multidimensional QSET sound & music in this sound room. Sound is a powerful teacher when used with conscious intent as it can bypass the mental body’s labyrinth of thought forms and deeply ingrained belief systems. Sound takes you directly to the core essence of who you are on a pure vibrational level. You can learn how to manage your bio-energetic matrix (physical & etheric bodies) in new ways to assist you in all your personal transformation processes. You will receive training on how to work with the Odyssey Sound & Light Temple so that you can continue your explorations privately along with ongoing trainings and group support sessions to advance your knowledge.
The following is a general overview for this beginning class format allowing for spontaneous teachings to arise and things to shift depending on the group energy. Each class is a 3 hour course and the schedule will repeat so you can take the next class when you are ready. In between classes, you will do your own private work in the Odyssey as well as in your own home with the soundscapes.

Class 1
Odyssey Room Intro, breathwork, meditation, becoming & dissolving
into sound, principles of resonance & entrainment, cymatics, understanding frequency-based information, multidimensional music, private session with JoAnn and instruction on the Odyssey

Class 2
Engaging Higher Self, physical body awareness, chakra balancing, auric field clearing, grounding, color & light energy, cleansing & detoxing

Class 3
Working with your energy bodies and dimensional realms, expanding your focus and awareness of physical and etheric realms, self healing techniques, psychic development

Class 4
Directing focus, connecting with spirit guides & master teachers, setting intent, shamanic journeying, connecting with power animals and spirit guides, calling forth master healers and teachers

Class 5
DNA Activation, reprogramming, deconstruction/reconstruction, repatterning, pastlife awareness, soul retrieval, vibrational alignment for manifestation generation, ascension dynamics

Class 6
Sleep, lucid dreaming, dream recall, dimensional communications, understanding symbols, recapitulation

Additional classes will be added as the program expands based on interactivity and group information exchange. CU classes for massage therapists will be added.

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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