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Review from Darv Krizton on Sanctuary

Note from Shapeshifter: Darv has many pages with many great links to music that you will enjoy if you enjoy ours. Take a look.

Darv’s linkfest for synthesists specializing in sounds inducing alternate states of awareness. Brainwave Pulses, Harmonic Resonance, Special Tunings. The reason these are called “sound arts” and not “music” is that much of it is not melodic, but instead organized sound which is designed to induce mind states via the entrainment principle of physics.

Visionary Music, 2008



Here we have an album inspired to guide you to the
reality of my favorites subject: THE PARADISE WITHIN.
These are musical compositions centered on keyboard
stylings, but synthesizer-based in sensibility and
texture. What we have here is an hour of extreme
inner planes paradise done in the signature style of
an artist who apparently has been doing this sort of
thing for a number of lifetimes.
i hear so much Lemuria in this that it brings a
fond tear to my eye. it is amazing in this day and
age that we have reached the point of reconnecting
so far back! and yes there is Atlantean influence
also. of course, we find more modern idioms, but i’m
really talking about the feel of the album. it
comfortably compares to the ambient works of David
and Steve Gordon; i’m thinking primarily of “Oneness,”
“Sanctuary,” and the “Garden Of Serenity” albums.
comparison to Michael Hammer naturally comes to mind,
but Shapeshifter is much more narrative and story-telling.
yes, i think there is a narrative here but i am still
exploring. i think it is about how to bring the
inner paradise to the outside world, but still testing
at this point…
while i am an avid collector of all of Shapeshifter’s
work, the recent “Shamballa,” “Rejuva” albums, plus
this new one, “Sanctuary,” establish this artist as a
primary source for Paradise vibrations and certainly
as essential picks for any ambient room i would consider
doing. we can file this one in new age or healing music,
but i think it fair to call it true Visionary music, as
the company’s name implies.

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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