ShapeshifterDNA goes to Japan

Japanese Magazine features DNA Activation with ShapeshifterDNA
Japanese Magazine features DNA Activation with ShapeshifterDNA

OK, well not literally, but we were picked up by a really amazing group over in Japan whose mission it is to bring Light to Japan. They have a magazine and a product catalog combined called, Anemone. We received our copy recently and while it’s all in Japanese, it is awesome. We have a feature article in this months issue along with the DNA Activation LevelOne series being offered for sale.

Anemone Magazine for Sale on Amazon

As many of you, we are holding a special place for the unfolding events of Fukushima – this is a global event now impacting us all. We would love to be able to create a unique soundscape to assist in the transformation of radiation to radiating Light & Love using our Quantum Sonic Empowerment Technology/QSET – imagine if the world could really embrace that concept. We hold a spark of that awakening for future manifestation.

So here is the article that was sent, in English, for you to enjoy…..

DNA Activation

DNA Activation is a spiritually based process of awakening and activating the multidimensional aspects of the DNA codex. This includes the 2 strand DNA that our scientific community researches as well as what the spiritually aware consider to be the additional 10 etheric strands; this is often referred to as the 12 strand DNA Activation process. This work is in the very early stages of its development as a concept, as a theory and as a realistic endeavor of pursuit for humanity; it is experimental at this time. As a species we are at such a critical time in our evolution. It is important that a segment of humanity steps out beyond the confined parameters of limited scientific protocols to explore the frontiers on the leading edge of consciousness research. Consciousness development is a major key to our positive evolution. This is where our work emanates from at this time in our collective history. The early explorers who have been actively pursuing the possibilities and potentials of DNA Activation using our multidimensional sounds for the last few decades have seen some amazing results in all aspects of their lives.

Because this work involves the development of expanded consciousness for success, it is not something that is easily duplicated and replicated as in a scientifically-based formula. It is up to each individual to develop their own inner personal connection to what we call Source Vibration, in order to fully actualize these hidden or dormant potentials that are in our personal and collective DNA. While everyone is capable of setting an intention towards this goal, this work requires a refined ability in the art of setting intent. As one develops these skills of setting Intent and applying it to the principles of activating their 12 stand DNA using our soundscapes, they are then able to shape-shift the various aspects of life’s many nuances towards the awakening of these higher potentials in their multi-strand DNA.

This brings us to the music that we create and why it is such a powerful, effective and transformative tool to use for the process of DNA Activation. The music is the carrier wave between the intent of the individual and the higher dimensional frequencies that one needs to connect with to begin actualizing some of the desires they are setting forth to accomplish. The frequency-based sounds in the music bridge the gaps between each dimensional level of reality from the densest levels of 3D matter to the highest spiritual realms of Light; which many consider to be the realms of angels, spirit guides and ascended master teachers. It is so much more than that as well, which is another aspect of the process to be explored as one deepens their level of experiences by learning how to shamanically travel with sound as a guide.

Through a greater understanding of the principles of harmonic resonance and entrainment, you can see how sound can gradually introduce the seeking consciousness, directed by intent, to engage more directly with the expanded frequency spectrums. What is audible or visible to our 3D human body at this time is but a fraction of what is considered to be the vast realms of potentiated consciousness. We are surrounded and intimately part of a sea of consciousness which has been called the morphogenic field, encompassing ALL that Is. Each person exists within this field and we all share common frequency spectrums of thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions and experiences. In order for a species to evolve, at some point, a dedicated segment of that species must go beyond what has become the pre-established grooves and patterns of known existence. This is the evolutionary goad that is within each of us and there are those of us who have incarnated on the planet at this key timeline to push those boundaries and move past these fixated reality constructs to bring forth new thoughts, new ideas, new potentials so that anyone can pick them up from the morphogenic field when they are ready to engage in this new belief. Much of humanity’s potentials are just sitting in this field waiting for the right person or group to bring the right combinations of frequencies together to birth a new paradigm. We believe there is no end to our evolutionary potentials at this time.

We realized at a very young age what we came here to do. As one looks back over the course of a lifetime, you can see how things have fallen into place with regards to your education, your spiritual trainings and your personal experiences to prepare you for what is called your Life’s Work. Gary was aware as a child peering into a microscope into the world of the cells and then into a telescope looking out into space that there was a connection. He made that connection tangible through music, through sound. With only the sounds of a piano available in that timeline, he was able to play musical soundscapes without any formal training, while listening to a complete orchestra accompanying him inside his head — celestial sounds from the other realms. In the early 70s when the gifts of synthesizers and computers began emerging to allow musicians to create sounds and compose multiple layers was when Gary really started to understand his early trainings. Those early years of development deepened his connections to these higher realms and opened up vistas of sound spectrums that he was now beginning to be able to recreate with this new technology. His development with sound design is a major factor in the soundscapes that he brings through.

In order to create music that can activate the DNA codex one must do the spiritual development required on themselves initially so that they can be a clear vessel to receive the transmissions and downloads of frequency based information. With each new spiritual initiation and increase of his personal Light quotient he is able to receive this sonic information from higher and more expanded dimensional realms. This is reflected in the different levels of the DNA Activation soundscapes and continues to expand with each new project.

JoAnn supports his process by providing all the supplemental materials and teachings necessary to share this work with the World. With her clairvoyant abilities, she is able to see the sound as energy waves and patterns. This enables her to assist groups and individuals on their DNA Activation journeys and spiritual awakening processes. Our divine union which happened in 1987, brings forth the balancing of the male/female aspects of this work to enable others to find their unique place within the harmonic fields we create.

The intent behind our mission is to build the frequency maps of humanity’s evolutionary journey through sound and music. We do this by connecting this Intent to the quantum level of reality, then consciously directing the flows of information and energy streams to bring through multidimensional-holographic frequency packets (MFPs) which are then translated into a musical soundscape. We call this entire process Quantum Sonic Empowerment Technology or QSET.

Because we see everything as a combination of frequencies, we are able to sense the flows of the collective consciousness on the Planet. We sensed the Fukushima event in Japan on some very deep levels and know that it has a global effect that is being felt and experienced on many different dimensions of reality. Without expanding on some deeper philosophical discussion here, we received the guidance that the radiation is a precursor to the process of learning how to Radiate Energy. Prior to this event, this was a key component to the work we were teaching. Most people have been absorbing energy from everything around them for a long time now — environment, information, technology, beliefs, emotions, traumas, pain, suffering and sadness. It has lead to a very sick and dis-eased global society in our body, mind and spirits. Rather than unconsciously continue to absorb this energy around us, it is time for us to learn how to Radiate energy — to Become Light. This in itself is a transformational process, as well as a process of transmutation. Some reference this as the shift from a carbon based lifeform to a Being of Light. This is divine alchemy in its truest form. Every being who walks a spiritual path must come to this juncture in their life path. Increasing the Light in one’s personal energy field is of paramount importance to activating the higher DNA strands.

Consciously created sound, for the purpose of activating humanity’s highest potentials, is a powerful tool for healing on all levels. The possibility may exist that it can transform the effects of radiation and transform it to awaken the higher spiritual potential within the DNA for self-healing and regeneration. We say “may” because without the ability to actualize this with the proper funding and research it remains a theory that we believe has the potential to be a truth one day. In the meantime, we feel that the current body of work we have produced in the DNA Activation series is the place to start. It would take a group of advanced souls in Japan, and elsewhere, to fully explore the work with dedication and focus in order to add it to the collective field.

The potentials of DNA Activation are personal to each individual and can be used for any aspect of manifestation one chooses. This can be from relationships, health issues, career, athletics, academics, self healing, developing psychic/intuitive abilities and much more. Because everything is seen as a combination of frequencies, the trick to manifesting is to align yourself with those frequency packets through a gradual process of establishing resonance with the desires you are seeking. This means that you will have to make some adjustments in your life to actualize a better alignment with anything that is not within your current desired combination of frequency patterns. Changes will need to be made in your life to accommodate the needed shifts and you have to be willing and able to support this with tangible actions. The music will provide you with all the potential combinations you will need, but is it going to be up to you to let go, release and move forward when it is clear that this is what you need to do in order to fully actualize any desires.

The initial experiences you can have with the DNA Activation music can vary depending on the amount of spiritual work you have already done prior. When you first start listening you will feel a deep calling within your Soul that you are coming home to a familiar place. The sounds begin to connect you with the Universal Energy Field. The ability to meditate deeply and let go fully into sound are some of the skills that you will need to develop. The music gradually takes you into deeper and deeper landscapes within your consciousness as you learn to shamanically journey. This will awaken memories, emotions and feelings that you may not consciously be aware of. Pastlives will surface along with hidden darkness and shadow self scenarios that people may or may not want to explore because of the fear and anxiety that is associated with these places. However the music is continually lifting you to the Light realms, showing you the illusions of all these previous imprints and gifting you with the new frequency patterns you need to transform these old limited patterns that have kept you in continual states of lack and limitation. The chakra system will move towards higher states of balance which enables you to evolve spiritually to connect more easily to the higher realms. The more you reach out to IT, the more IT reaches back to you. This is the process that repeats over and over again to help you move through your personal evolutionary cycles and into a higher place where you can be a planetary Lightworker in service to others. Each person who embodies this, Radiates higher frequencies of Light to those around them.

We are here to share with those ready to listen to a very powerful way in which we can transform ourselves and align our species with the evolutionary currents that our planet is moving through at this time. Japan may very well be at the forefront of this wave of energy as they learn how to transmute the effects of radiation into shining the brightest of Lights on the Planet.


Gary & JoAnn Chambers are DNAvatars and have been actively involved in creating musical soundscapes for the purpose of DNA Activation since 1989. Their company offers 27 soundscapes, 4 books and 2 DVDs in their current catalog. Their creative group name is ShapeshifterDNA. They live in St. Petersburg, Florida USA. Contact email is More info at

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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