The 3rd Eye Gets a Facelift

In keeping up with all the changes in web design, I thought it was time to redo the 3rd Eye website. Along with the redesign I have made some changes in the offerings. One of my most popular readings now is the Spiritual MRI – this gives you a complete scan of your entire energy body system. I can see the future of medicine including these types of readings along with their scans of the physical body. I know those of you engaged with our work know this already, but can you just imagine one day the doctor comes in and says “No worries, Mr. Smith, it is only that your solar plexus charka is blocked and we just need to place this crystal on it for an hour and you’ll be good as new in an hour.” Wouldn’t that be awesome. I believe at some future timeline this will all be very true.

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The 3rd Eye Spiritual Guidance with ShivantiFor now, those of you who are aware and becoming more and more conscious of your being as a spiritual body inhabiting a physical one, this is an ideal diagnostic tool for you to add to your regular checkup list. This full energy body scan will show you the conditions of your main chakra points, what is going on in your auric field and scan for pastlife imprints that are impacting your current life now. All of this is combined with a spiritual guidance session and shamanic journey session to help you clear some of the density and lift your vibrational to the next plateau of your ascending journey. FREE Consults before you get started so you can ask any questions you have about my sessions. Use my LiveChat, email or give me a call at 727.235.6302.


JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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