2 New Releases – The Sonic Keys Series on Kindle

We are starting a new book series which will only be available on Kindle – KDP Select. The Sonic Keys is a series of books focused on the teachings of using Multidimensional Sound as a tool to awaken humanity’s highest potentials. The concepts in these books are secondary to the higher knowledge found within the various soundscapes created by ShapeshifterDNA. The primary focus will revolve around concepts and useful and practical theories of DNA Activation. We have started with 2 beginning books to get you started on learning more — a good foundation for future editions. These books will be pretty short and concise and each book will focus in a certain area related to DNA Activation.

This series is recommended for anyone who wants to explore our soundscapes more deeply. The series will continue to evolve and expand based on your feedback.

The Sonic Keys book series available on KindleThe first book is called “Sound, Light & Frequency” and covers the basic theories and concepts of how this music connects you to your higher manifestations. The key topics discussed are Source Vibration, Light Quotient, Higher Self and Lower Self Matrix, Universal Energy Field, Bio-Energetic Matrix, Multidimensional-Holographic Frequency Packets and Quantum Sonic Empowerment Technology QSET™.
The Sonic Keys: Sound, Light & Frequency available at Amazon.com on Kindle. $1.99

NOTE: Our beginners meditation book, The Secret Key to the Secret of Manifesting ALL your Dreams &  Desires is similar to the content in Sound, Light & Frequency, so if you read that book, no need to read this one too.

The Sonic Keys series available on KindleThe second book title is DNA Activation 101 and shares the basics and a bit more about what is involved in the process of activating the DNA Codex. This goes beyond the initial intentions to activate your DNA and into what it really takes ultimately to fully integrate these principles into your entire life path.
The Sonic Keys: DNA Activation 101 available at Amazon.com on Kindle. $4.99

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JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

7 thoughts to “2 New Releases – The Sonic Keys Series on Kindle”

  1. Hi i get a lot of spontaneous out of body experiences. And I learned how to activate my Third-Eye-Chakra. When my 3rd eye is awake I see images and Bright vivid colours. Sometimes I’ll see through a Tunnel, And sometimes when my 3rd eye is awake I’ll be in a total different place last time I was inside of an Orange tent ?..But can someone give me any advice on how I control my 3rd eye so that I can go to were I would like to go (if this is possible) ???..Also ifi want a an O.B.E. I’ll think off having one, And I’ll have one that same night…But can anyone tell me why I get spontaneous O.B.R’s…any advise I would like to hear. .. Thank you for your time..

    1. I feel everyone is at a very different stage with this work and so you are unique in your experience and expression, as is every soul. I find that the messages are specific for your path and that it is up to you to communicate with your higher self and guidance team to learn more specifically what these things mean to you and your life path at this time. Hopefully you are keeping a journal so you can look for patterns and clues to your unfolding journey. Our musical soundscapes are designed to help you gradually balance out these experiences and be able to ground them into tangible useful information. I would start with the DNAvatar program http://www.dnavatar.com and then progress by getting new soundscapes when you feel you have integrated the previous. Each one will help you to further expand what you have already started and then assist you in bringing them into your life on 3D in a purposeful way. We are meant to incorporate the magical realms into our 3D world so that we can collectively lift the energy to the manifestations of the 5th World. You are a wondrous part of that journey.

  2. Has anyone ever met a spirtual-Being ?..As I had an out of body experience. And I met this cat with wings.?.. It flew up to my bedroom window, While I was having a “O.B.E”. it had either eagle-Wings or Hawk-Wings,, It also had a tail of a eagle or hawk .. It was dark in colour brown and black. It was about 5ft from wing tip to wing tip. I got a bit freaked out when I saw this Being, And for sum reason I picked up a tourch -(light). Witch was in my room And I shinned this light onto this being, And I seen this being started to Vanish slowly. Then when in was totally gone, I started to see blue flowers with long green-roots coming into my bedroom from the top of my window.. I really wished that I tried to communicate with this being instead. But to be honest I was a bit freaked out . I am not to sure if this being sent these flowers in to my room to let me know that this being was friendly..??????… If any one has ever in counted this being or heard of it, Then I would be most appreciated.. Thank you for your time.. Hope this dissent sound to crazy…

    1. I have not met this specific one, if that is even possible. I would look up the symbols you did get – eagle, hawk – in a dream interpretation book or online and see what those meanings teach you. Write down pieces of your dreams and OBE’s so that you can start to bring together the teachings of your inner guidance. To me this dream is helping you release fear and become more empowered – shining light into the dark places of your being so that you can gain strength. Once you face your inner darkness, the light starts to shine through and the world is much brighter and less scary for you.

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