How to Balance your Chakras

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I believe it is very important that one learns about the chakra system if they plan to engage more deeply in any type of spiritual work; particularly using our musical soundscapes to activate your DNA. I will even go as far as to say it is a must. The chakra system is intimately connected to the physical body and is responsible for the status of our health, emotional stability and the general overall connection to one’s life path and the spiritual realms. As one learns more about the chakra system, they can easily begin to balance themselves when they become aware of moving off-center. Moving off-center or out of balance means that everything around you seems to be in a state of disarray and everything you touch seems to be going wrong – of course in varying degrees of chaos. The chakras act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms — they actually feel and sense the world around you before the physical body is aware. They communicate with the physical body all the time. They connect into the body’s endocrine system, organs and nervous system via these vortexes of energy. A good overall definition of a chakra is “Wheels of Light.” Check out the Wiki page for more in-depth info – Chakra.

Information, of a vibrational nature (think frequency ranges), streams throughout the chakra system from the higher aspects of a persons bio-energetic field (bio-physical and energetic-etheric) of Light into the physical body. One way to grasp this would be to think about how TV/Radio transmissions are received via frequency based data streams. These data streams are sent from the broadcasting station to nodes that collect the frequencies and transduce them to the necessary language for your TV/Radio device. Chakras are your transducers which the higher realms use to communicate with you. Information is first received in the frequency realm beyond your ability to perceive with your physical senses. You experience this as a vibration or as a wave of energy; what many call a download or transmission. This higher information steps down to the frequency range that your bio-energetic form can comprehend by using the chakra system as a transducer. Each chakra is a node that converts the information it needs for its specific functioning, similar to our organs which each have a specific responsibility to keep the body alive. As information is received, you then have to process it and if you are not in a balanced state, then you will not be able to fully utilize these incoming data streams. This will cause distortions and dysfunction in your manifestation process. You may get part of the picture, but not the full one.

By becoming more knowledgeable of your chakras and the interplay of their role in directing your spiritual life path, one can greatly improve not only their health, but they can also learn how to manifest more easily in the world of matter. The chakras manage, control and regulate our energy, our ability to connect with others and our ability to attract desires into our field. We can call this system our synchronicity generator, as it is the aspect of Self that makes the connections between the many worlds/dimensions of matter and ether in which we live. We each have the capacity to live as a multidimensional being of Light while holding our primary focus in a physical body in the 3rd dimensional realm. In order to do that, you will need to consciously connect with your chakra system to develop this ability.

While the chakra system is not recognized or SEEN by our current scientific models, it is SEEN by clairvoyants and mystics to a certain degree. It can also be perceived using dowsing methods, which can determine the spin status of each chakra — an ideal spin pattern would be in a clockwise direction. While I have studied many different teachings in relation to chakras, I felt the most resonance with Barbara Brennen’s Hands of Light (see book listing in our Amazon Store below) system for diagnosing their condition. I use my clairvoyant ability to see and sense the condition of each chakra, but I also use dowsing to determine the spin status using Ms. Brennen’s system. This method looks at all 12 of the main chakra points and applies the knowledge of each chakra’s specific energetic responsibility to the persons overall personality matrix. This is an excellent diagnostic tool for any healer to work with to assist his/her clients in the assessment of their current spiritual path. I have been using this method now for about 15 years and find a very high level of accuracy in diagnosing my clients current state of overall health and well-being. When viewed over a period of time, one can use these chakra portraits to help monitor their spiritual growth and learn where to make adjustments in their life to move to higher and higher states of balance.

As for the music we created specifically to balance the chakras, ground one’s energy and expand the auric field, we have taken a unique approach based on our inner guidance teachings. We don’t necessarily subscribe to the theories of each chakra having a specific note, meaning that if that note is played that the chakra is automatically balanced. We do see some elementary value in that technique, however, we see the chakras more holographically and interdimensionally related to each other. This means it is not just a matter of playing one note or key and assuming that will balance that chakra, but playing many notes that create harmonic overlays between each of the chakras and then connecting them on higher and higher levels with each other. This is a form of hyper-dimensional resonance that we work with in regards to the sound designs we create. You can view it like a lattice pattern of increasing higher order of balance. We see it as a progressive ramping up with each chakra reaching a state of expansion and receptivity and then from their moving up another octave as the other chakras unite in a divine resonant state of harmony. We feel this creates a state of true balance as opposed to focusing on one chakra’s primary note. We call this Modulating the Lifewave.

Odyssey Chakra Balancing Soundscape
Odyssey Chakra Balancing Soundscape

Our chakra balancing soundscape is called the Odyssey. It was designed to be played for 60 minutes and throughout the session it gradually works on all the chakras and brings them to more expansive states of balance. There is a layer of low bass notes that continually keep the person’s energy field grounded to the earth grid by maintaining a low-level vibrational field. This is an important aspect of doing chakra balancing work, as one must establish a strong grounding cord in order to bring up this energy into the physical body for greater overall strength and power. It is also helpful in increasing the sensing of the internal body functions. There is a layer of modulating sounds that streams back and forth over the body in waves. This continually keeps the listener shifting their awareness as opposed to going to sleep or nodding off.

I found in my early days of working with this soundscape that it really helped me very quickly to know when I was out of balance. For me, something just clicks inside me that lets me know when I am hitting that balance point. I was able to use it regularly to keep me aware of when I was shifting away from that centered state. After a while I didn’t need it so much and this should be the same for others as they continue to understand not only how to balance their chakras but to expand their energy field further and further beyond the limited range of the physical form.

…..Dielle’s Experiences with the Odyssey
The first time I listened to Odyssey, I found it one of the most disturbing recordings I’d ever heard! It was my least favorite in the VM Catalog for a long time until I started working with JoAnn and got a chakra portrait done. She helped me to understand where I was closed off and needed to put some healing attention. I knew I was making progress when I was able to shift out of my strong resistance to the music. Eventually, I was able to listen to the Odyssey with ease and feel its benefits…even crave it.

An experience like Dielle’s is not uncommon and really speaks to someone who is out of balance when they first start listening. I work with many people to balance their chakras and many have used a fairly simple technique that only gives more light the main front chakras and not the rest. This will cause a lot of problems in manifestation because the front chakras are all about feelings, sensing and emotions, but not about action, will and drive. These latter qualities are needed in order to fully actualize on the 3rd dimensional plane. Many people will question their results with this type of work because they think they are actually balancing the chakras when they are only doing it half way. If the music is uncomfortable initially, stay with it and practice the chakra balancing guided journey I offer to really work all 12 chakras and you will definitely see a difference in your life path.

I created this guided journey to really help you learn how to sense each specific chakra and to also learn how to run energy through your system. You can listen to the audio recording several times and then eventually do the process on your own. The guided journey is about 25 minutes long, but eventually as you become more aware of your own energy field, you should be able to balance your chakras within minutes by using this technique. You can purchase this along with the CD as well as downloading the MP3 file. This piece is part of the AYD #1 Training Program as well, which includes several other journeys that are beneficial in building a solid spiritual foundation before delving too deeply in the DNA Activation process.

Chakra Reading SampleChakra Sample ReadingSamples of my Chakra Portraits

If you want to learn more about your chakra system, I do offer a Chakra Portrait/Reading (see images). This will give you some detailed information about where you are on your spiritual journey. Many people build up one area of their overall matrix and feel they are further along than they really are. As in some who feel they meditate a lot and therefore are advanced or those who have developed the mental body and have lots of knowledge about the spiritual process of evolution. Often these people are missing some of the other basic elements which are required for balanced ascension. If the heart center is closed but they have great knowledge, they will not be able to fully stabilize in the next levels of their journey until they GET this piece. There are many nuances regarding each chakra which interacts with the others and helps to explain why with all that knowledge or all that meditation, they are still not fully manifesting with greater ease and flow. Understanding resonance is a big key to fully understanding this further. As we evolve to each successive level of the process of enlightenment or ascension, we must fully establish a solid resonant field with that level in order for it to fully actualized.

Chakras Side ImageHere is a chart of the 12 chakra points and the list below is what each one is responsible for so you can see the importance of the interplay between all chakras and the need to work towards balancing each one.


The amount of physical energy available and one’s will to live in 3D reality, Ability to be grounded in 3D reality and to actualize higher visions, Ability to draw energy up into physical form, enliven Central Channel to sense and feel what is occurring in physical body for purposes of intervening earlier during healing crisis prevention — Power, Vitality, Physical Energy, Stability, Actualization Ability
Sacral (front)

Center of expression for sexuality and creativity, reflects the ability to connect with another human on a deeply physical and spiritual level, both giving and receiving, As one evolves, energy shifts more towards creativity than procreative/sexual desires, Ideal to seek balance in both expressions – Personal Expression, Sexuality, Creativity, Confidence, Ability to Love
Sacral (back)

Reflects the amount of energy one has available for sexual & creative expression, much like battery pack reservoir for storing energy for later use – Energy, Expression
Solar Plexus (front)

Your personal power center that expresses the level of connection you feel to living your life to the fullest expression of your desires, a way in which you put yourself out in the world around you – Personal Power, Grounded in Purpose & Life’s Goals, Manifestation, Connectedness
Solar Plexus (back)

Reflects one’s relationship between their life and their feelings toward their physical body, the level of caring towards the physical – Health, Diet, Exercise, Inner Love
Heart (front)

This center opens a person’s feelings of Love for humanity and an ability to connect in a loving space with other human beings – Love, Compassion, Empathy, Caring, Sharing
Heart (back)

The ego’s expression lies in this chakra and depending on the person’s ability to manifest what they want, it can be too aggressive or too passive, It reflects how one feels about himself with regards to self-worth – Ego, Will, Determination, Self Esteem
Throat (front)

Reflects the ability to speak and ask for what one needs and wants in life in order to accomplish their goals – Self-Reliant, Responsible, Accountability
Throat (back)

Speaks to the position one holds in society and within their chosen profession, Career Path being in alignment with Spiritual Path – Self-Worth, Accomplishments, Status, Success, Spiritual Alignment with Path and Purpose
Third Eye (front)

The ability to visualize, conceptualize and formulate ideas and comprehend the mental constructs necessary to create, as being received from the higher centers – Visualization, Actualization, Understanding
Third Eye (back)

Whether a person can follow through and implement his ideas and concepts, putting higher visions into tangible action plans, steps of tangible results needed – Action, Integrity, Follow-thru

A person’s connection to the Divine Source, Alignment with Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Teachers, Masters, etc. – Spiritual, Transcendence, Ascension, Soul Path & Purpose

While each of these main chakra points are responsible for specific aspects of one’s personality makeup, it is the combined energy between them that really needs to be understood – it is fine to have an open third eye (6F), but if the back (6B) is closed or low, then one will not be able to fully see the steps needed to actualize their visions, plus if 4B were closed, one would not have confidence in himself to put plans into action. If 3F were also closed, then one would lack personal power to believe they could actually do what their visions are showing. It is a complex system and each chakra depends on the others to fully function as a whole being. Overactive chakras lead to dominance in that area of personality whereas under active chakras lead to psychological issues like depression, anxiety or sensitivity. Either leads to an imbalanced mental state and a distorted view of reality. All of this also leads to physical disorders which can lead to illness and dis-ease processes in the body. It is vitally important to all aspects of Self that you maintain a healthy and balanced chakra system. I am able to teach you how to understand your chakras and balance them so you can learn which ones you might want to charge up depending on the tasks or goals you are trying to achieve.

Chakra ColorsAlong with the music, using color is another powerful technique to work with to assist in balancing the chakras. From Light emerges the full spectrum of colors and each individual color feeds a chakra more so than another. The chart to the left shows which colors support each chakra and again as in our belief about sound, there are harmonic overlays within each chakra so that all colors are beneficial to each chakra. It is very valuable to spend time in meditation with each color and learn from it what it can offer you in times of healing. Colors like red, orange and yellow can be very stimulating, while blues and purples are calming. Do this while playing the music and more guidance will come to you about how to use color and sound to assist you on all levels of your healing journey.

Chakra Balancing PendantI also offer a Chakra Balancing pendant that you can get along with our soundscape. We charge this pendant up on our Grandfather Lightbrary Crystal too, so it is ready to go to work on bringing more balance into your life. With vibrational jewelry, it is about the intentions you hold with the object that continues to empower it. You can place this pendant on any of your chakras too while meditating to enhance its effects.

Here are some books to get you started on your chakra studies.


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