Creative Evolution through Higher Consciousness Music

In the beginning . . . the Word. This Word was experienced as a vibration — a sound or MUSIC. This music carried with it information for all beings to utilize and access through their physical organs of sensing. Through eons of time, this method of obtaining information was lost which created disharmony among the people of the planet Earth. They became consumed by the world of matter and gave their power to these new gods. These gods were creative in the illusions of their magic, and the sheep began to sleep — Deeeeep Sleeeep.

The awakening time is NOW and those able to hear the Word/Vibration/Sound/Music will once again claim their birthright to emerge as the healers of the planet – the Shamans are back. We must reawaken that which was lost while we were in this deep sleep. The knowledge and information age is here and those ready and able to tune in will be the leaders of this new World — the strong and aware will survive this transition with ease. All information is not linear, contrary to what we learned while in Sleeeep mode. Information is multi-dimensional and can be obtained through many mediums and channels  of information. All music is created through the intent (consciously or unconsciously) of the composer/musician — music with consciousness is music that has the power to transform & inform the listener to awaken these dormant lines of communication. Along with the conscious intent of an aware listener, this power can be released and new connections to non-linear forms of information enhanced.

Planet Earth is currently in varying states of chaos, turmoil & destruction. The vibration coming from all sources connected to this current of information continues to churn out more and more of the same — hoping to keep the masses in Deeeeeep Sleeeeep (fear). The Beings who control this energy feed off this vibration and need for it to continue in order for them to survive and prosper. Your participation in this energy gives them food and nourishment and allows them to gather more power. You become in essence – fodder.

Those who have touched the higher vibrations and have connected to the source of peace, love & harmony are the Shamans — here now to re-awaken the rest of humanity. There are resistances against achieving and maintaining this connection, the path is layered with twists and turns – struggle and frustration. Refuse to believe in this thoughtform — YOU have a Choice, exert your FREE WILL. In order to sustain the higher vibrations, one must clean out the dark closets of the past with conscious awareness. This process takes many years once a being awakens to first Light. It can also be very painful, as for the first time in eons you will re-experience many things with full feelings. You are not alone, there is peace on the other side – have FAITH. The commitment must be solid and sure. There is no room for un-truth and falsehood in these higher realms. The truth always rises to the top.

On the dark side, it appears much easier to exist, because they have taught you to be numb and unaware of what is really going on around you. The truth is that you are a pawn in a game in which you will never ultimately win – you are a puppet who fulfills their need for energy/food — fodder. Get out NOW.

In order to stay awake, you will continually need to reinforce your connection to Light. There are so many ways offered to you in this time to do this: music, drumming circles, spiritually-focused healing sessions, massage/bodywork, books & tapes, workshops, positive, supportive focused groups, centers, etc. Support your Evolution in all that you do – All that you DO! Just DO it!

Lesson 1 — learn to practice discernment of the teachers that you meet along the way – practice opening your feeling centers and trust your emerging intuitive abilities. The days of the gurus and false prophets are gone, the truth is within each on of you — DISCOVER IT. All lessons do not have to be learned the hard way – Evolution is eminent, suffering is optional.

We, ShapeshifterDNA, have come here now to share with you one of the most powerful tools you will be offered in this space/time sequence — Cyber-Shamanic Music — Higher Consciousness Music for the Creative Evolution of your Soul. This music is not new in the overall scope of the Universe, however, it may be new to many of you discovering the healing/transformational power of music for the first time. The secrets to its power is in the non-linear way it is presented. You are a multi-dimensional being, therefore your tools should reflect the same complexities and nuances.

The power in the music as with any spiritual discipline is in direct relation to the development of the shaman. This is the first place of discernment that you must look at when choosing any teacher that you are asking to guide your soul. It is better to stand back and observe for a while, rather than blindly jumping forth. Feel into the energy, let your inner self tell you what is right and what is wrong.

To begin to understand the hows & whys of our musical expression, we will share with you some theories that will offer some further thought.

Everything in the Universe vibrates. Everything could be measured with an oscilloscope and shown to have some degree or level of electron activity (vibration/frequency). The physical body is composed of many vibrations each with specific purposes or goals in mind. Starting at the molecular level, we experience a single molecule pulsating at its own rhythm. Similar molecules are picking up on this same rhythm and begin to vibrate at the same rate, thereby creating harmony. Pretty soon you have a group of molecules with a specific purpose in mind – say to operate the heart or stomach. Molecules are of a group soul nature, meaning that they tend to go along with the crowd. If a molecule of a different vibration enters the group and begins to convince several of the others to go along with his rhythm, the process of dis-harmony begins. What keeps these negative molecules out of power is your ability to have dominion over your energy system. This ability lies in the focused power of your mind. This example can be taken to micro and macro-cosmic levels.

Cyber-Shamanic Music reconnects you to that place in your soul where peace & harmony exist and the power of LOVE is dominant, gently guiding you to remember who you are and giving you back your power to control the realities around you and within you. It will help you to walk a conscious path of evolution as you increase your Light Quotient each time you listen. As you become a conscious participant in your personal DNA Activation process, this music will be your guide through the many ups, downs and sideways adventures of this journey.

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