Meditation with Multidimensional Music

I started “officiallyā€¯ meditating when I was around 21 years old. I say officially because I realized that I explored this same altered state of consciousness with my Grandmother when I was a child. She lived with us and cared for me when my Mom was at work. She insisted we have nap time everyday, and while I could not go to sleep, she taught me how to lay still close my eyes and entertain myself inside. While she didn’t call it meditation, it certainly was as I now know it to be.

In my early 20s, I started to do Yoga for my back pain which was brought on by entering the work force and retiring from gymnastics. I loved the end of the Yoga sessions where we lay still in Savasana (corpse pose) and just followed our breath and let go. My yogini played the typical Indian music to sooth us into deeper states and for the first time I started to engage with music from that place of awareness. Coming from a steady diet of hard rock n roll and psychedelic music, it was quite a change for me, but also some similarities. I found that I longed to return to that inner state of peace more and more often as it allowed me to think clearly and find my inner compass to direct my life path. Meditation become a hobby for me and something I looked forward to each night after a day of crazy deadlines and busy world stuff.

I continued to expand my musical catalog all the time and started to engage with more hypnosis, brain mind and guided journey-type programs to further assist me in managing and controlling my mind and mental chatter. I explored all the products that were on the market from Monroe’s Hemisync, Dick Sutpen’s self-hypnosis tapes and all kinds of programs along these lines. I always remember my favorite soundscape just before I met Gary, called Astral Wind and Space Droplets – LOL. Gary was always so amused with me when I told him how cool this soundscape was. I never realized he was about to rock my world with his magical sounds and musical soundscapes. At the time we met in 1987, he only had the “Healing” soundscape in his budding catalog. I traded a massage with him for the cassette copy he had at that time. I played it constantly (before we were dating) and couldn’t believe what was happening in my meditations. I now know that it was one of my early tests from him as to whether I truly understood what he was doing, and I passed. LOL

Of course, the rest of that story is obvious now to those of you who know our life path and our body of work, but there is something so magical — worldly and other worldly — about the gift that Gary brings through in his soundscapes. I have heard many other artists’ music, and none that I have heard even come close to the frequency range and harmonics that Gary is able to create. I know you may say, well you are his wife and you must think that way; but not so, I’m able to access any artists abilities by the sounds they bring through. It is something I have come to learn by studying under Gary’s wings for so long. Each of us has the ability to experience realities from a certain spectrum or range of non-linear information. Some people are very limited in their range, and this can be very obvious by the music they listen to as well as the life experience they are willing to engage with. When an artist of any kind truly expands their frequency spectrum to encompass information from not only our 3rd dimensional world, but by also expanding out into the higher realms through the creative art of meditation and shamanic like explorations (meaning consciously directed intentions), it is clearly represented in their output and moves them from being just a creative to being a true Artist. It is tangible and very clear to those who are aware and fully engaging in the multidimensional realms of Light.

I find that by engaging with our soundscapes during your meditations that you quickly find out just where you are in your personal spiritual development. If it shakes you up, disturbs you, annoys you, then you clearly have some work to do in order to move into the seamless, flowing state of bliss that is your ultimate goal while venturing into the multidimensional realms of Light and Dark. Using meditation techniques and guiding yourself into shamanic-like explorations along with any of our soundscapes provide you with the energetic landscapes in which you can learn many things about your life path (current and pastlives), the nature of reality, and the ultimate connection you have to the essence of Source Vibration. Information becomes palpable because of the expansive range of multidimensional information available in these soundscapes. You begin to tap directly into more expanded akashic databases filled with wisdom and knowledge, bypassing the slower process of book reading and rote learning techniques. Not to say there isn’t value in that process.

People ask me all the time about binaural beats, solfeggio and 432/440 hz, centerpoint, hemisync, holosync, etc. – honestly I’m bored with them as their frequency range is limited to me. I have explored them all and in my early years found these systems useful. Now, I feel them as very angular and they have a mechanical feel to me. I think this is because too much mental thought processing goes into the actual making of them, whereas Gary just connects directly to Source vibration and gets out-of-the-way of the mental bodies need to make it such and such to affect some gadgets algorithms (the observer effect, remember). This is evolution, this is who and what we are – Evolutionary Agents of Change. Generally the music used in these mental based systems is not the focal point, it is what is behind or underneath the music. So most of the music itself, which is the most important part for me, totally bores me to pieces and I usually can’t listen for more than a minute. Remember this is me, I’ve been working with advanced sounds for a long time, so naturally this is going to affect me like this. But I always recommend that you explore them to learn for yourself where your palate is in your awareness of frequency taste, ingestion and assimilation. Yes, they will prepare you and assist you in developing some foundations for the more expanded work by artists like Gary, so by all means explore them and get the basics down so that you have the abilities to anchor in some of the lower dimensional realms. There are many programs out there that will help you in your early stages of meditation development. But then when your are truly ready to lift off and get out there exploring, then start with our music and you will see just what I mean.

Initially our music may be hard to hear for you if you are not used to it and you may need to work with some of these other programs for a while until you start to expand your spectrum of awareness via frequency based sounds/music. I would suggest you stick with any of the programs for a while to get through the initiation periods you will need to go through. If you are used to meditation in silence, listening to music is going to be disruptive at first, so just know that you will need to take some time to adjust. Silent meditation still has its purpose and I’m not suggesting that you stop that practice, I’m just suggesting that you add letting go into sound as another form of meditation practice.

Now on the other hand, if in the first 30 seconds of listening to our music you are taken to bliss-filled states, then you know you are right in alignment with what we are bringing through. Many who are totally ready, speak of a “Coming Home” feeling that envelops them and feeds them in a way that is totally indescribable.

Meditation is becoming more and more popular now in our Western culture; as we learn how to de-stress and take back some personal responsibility about our health and well-being. Yoga and Meditation are excellent places to start if you are a beginner, because if you cannot learn to first still the body, you will not be able to still the mind.

Here is an interesting article posted on ABC News regarding using meditation to assist people in conventional medicine protocols; doctors are finally beginning to advise meditation to their patients:

Meditation Prescribed by More Doctors, Study Finds

For some, the idea of meditation conjures up the idea of sitting on a pillow with your legs in a pretzel while trying desperately not to think. This stereotypical image of what meditation is all about is completely erroneous in my mind. Not that one can’t choose that approach and attain success, but it is not necessary and not the only way in which one can meditate. I primarily meditate lying down and/or in a recliner. I’m sure that if one goes back in history far enough there will be another ham story about why one is supposed to sit up in lotus to have the discipline to meditate. Of course, you’d also have to know the ham story too. Yes, it is a discipline, but certainly not necessary to attain a meditative state. There are benefits to doing it and I do recommend that you also explore it further for yourself.

Meditation is also not about assuming contorted yogic poses nor about finding an appropriate-looking guru. It isn’t about religion or being physically uncomfortable in any way. It’s not even about stopping all thoughts, which is totally impossible in our current forms btw. Rather, meditation is about stillness and turning your awareness inwards. It is about putting down the entertainment, stopping the running around, and ignoring the distractions that would have you endlessly occupied and unable to tune into, let alone hear, your own quiet inner voice.

There are so many different forms of meditation and ways to meditate. There are walking meditations, shamanic meditations, dancing meditations, vocal toning meditations, gardening meditations, nature meditations, mantra meditations, and yes, of course, sitting meditations or this one.

Our musical soundscapes, available at, offer you music for meditation that can be used with many of the forms of meditation you already know. The beauty of listening to music while you meditate is that it helps quiet the mind of rampant thoughts. Rather, it inspires the mind to journey deeper and deeper into silence. It provides a focusing tool which you can turn your attentions towards. It helps you tune into subtle energy as you learn to feel the music and the impact it is having on you and your body. As you let go into the music, it takes you on a journey beyond your thoughts and then back into a deeper here and now. Your basic goal is to learn to Become Sound — letting go of the tight grasp of the physical form and bit by bit dissolve into the sounds and become one. It is in this phase of the meditation that you are intimately connected to your Soul Essence.
Become & Dissolve into the Music

Watch our YouTube Video on Become the Music which is the basic technique to learn to work with our soundscapes.


While listening to classical or new age music may be relaxing, our soundscapes are “intentionally” created to support and enhance the true purpose of meditation: helping you to stop, tune in, and access your higher self — to stop the busy-ness of the world and listen to that quiet inner voice of wisdom that is in each of us. The soundscapes can also improve your ability to listen and thus, help you open to a deeper communication with the Spirit Realms.

This process gradually increases your clairaudient abilities so that you are hearing more sounds within the music as you continue to listen daily, but also you will begin to hear your own inner voice more clearly speaking to you as it is much softer than your dominant mental body voice. Your daily chitter chatter of the mind drowns out this softer voice to a point where you are no longer hearing it. By spending at least an hour a day being still and quiet and listening to your inner voice of wisdom, you will easily remove 50% or more of the unnecessary chaotic time and energy wasters of your life. Less time spent engaged in redundant dysfunctional cycles and more time spent in clear directed energy flows towards manifestations. This process alone will help you to attain more of your dreams and desires more quickly.

So many people tell me that they don’t have time to meditate and I say, “How can you not?” You are spinning your wheels half the time, stressing your body out and not fully enjoying your life. You can easily put these soundscapes on at night before you go to sleep and drift off gradually as you review your day and plan your next day with more clarity and focused directions than if you just go to sleep. It doesn’t have to change your current schedule at all. Once you do begin to implement a meditation practice into your life, you will find this to be true and most likely begin to increase the amount of time you meditate. We play our soundscapes all night long on shuffle, so whether we are awake or asleep, we are being fed higher energetic sounds to assist us in all levels of our personal and spiritual development. Using the music with our dream states is a whole other area of explorations that will open up for you. Before and after sleep are the most powerful times to connect directly with the soundscapes and the easiest way to add them into your life without changing anything you are currently doing.

Any of the soundscapes in the Shapeshifter catalog is suitable for use in a meditation practice. Healing, Sanctuary and Journey towards Ascension are good examples of beginner soundscapes for folks just learning to meditate. Moving from there into the DNA Activation LevelOne series is a great next step. We encourage you to gradually get all the soundscapes in the VMM Catalog as they all have their own flavor for you to explore. When you have been with the basics for a while, then you will want to move on to the DNA 1.5 Lucidity and the DNA.L2 series.

Whatever you choose, the magical multidimensional music of Shapeshifter will help you maintain a state of mindfulness in which you can continually release the thoughts that float in and out of your mind as you practice. So you’ll experience all of the many benefits meditation has to offer without having to conform to some preconceived notions of what meditation is all about.

Some of the basic Benefits of Meditation are:

  • Cope with Stress
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Enhances ability to Learn
  • Helps us Think more Clearly
  • Assists the Body’s Natural Abilities to Heal
  • Deepens Sleep
  • Helps Maintain Emotional Stability

There are so many resources out there now to help you get started, so start by doing more research if you are just getting into meditating. I also work with people individually to help them learn more about meditating specifically with our soundspaces for better results. Check out my page on The 3rd Eye site for more details about my Meditation Guidance.

Some book ideas to get you started on Meditation:


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Post your comments, thoughts, questions and musings below and let us engage in a mutual exploration of exchanging ideas.

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