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Using our multidimensional music to assist you in your shamanic journeys is one of the most powerful ways in which it can be used. I personally journey several hours a day using the music and various shamanic journeying techniques. I feel this enables me to really navigate my life path and locate the areas of disturbances quickly, so that I can move on to the fun stuff of creating and manifesting my dreams and desires.

As you become more attuned to the vibrational qualities of your existence, you can begin to become more familiar with how you attract and create situations around you to match this expression. Using our soundscapes to first establish resonance with you inner worlds of power, you can then learn how to communicate with the various shamanic realms, which are filled with teachings, knowledge and guidance to help you become more fully aware of your path and purpose.

Whatever form of shamanic journeying you choose to do, you can use our soundscapes as part of your explorations. All of our soundscapes are created to provide a safe, supportive energy grid and sanctuary around your energetic space while you explore other dimensions from an altered state of consciousness. You can travel to lower, middle and upper worlds easily using the soundscapes as a bridge to any destination you set your intentions towards. This is one of the most powerful techniques you can use while working with our music and we feel you should practice daily. We suggest you study additional information on this subject to enhance your experiences and to build up your knowledge. I’ll add a few recommended books below to get you started.

I also created a workshop called “Shamanic Journeying 101” which is part of my DNAvatar Training Program. This workshop can be attended in 3D as well as my online webinar presentation. Check the schedule to see when the next one is scheduled or feel free to email me to get one set up that fits your schedule. I use my email list to send out notices to┬ámy local Florida events and to my mailing list for the webinars. Be sure that you are sign up to our Email List.

Every soundscape in our catalog is excellent for Shamanic Journeying work. Each one has a different focus and intention, but you can always allow them to take you on journeys beyond this as well. Below I will make some recommendations to get you started, but once you are comfortable with the Shamanic Journeying process, you can use any soundscape you want.

My Recommendations:
In Shamanic Journeying work, I always suggest you begin with connecting to your Sacred Garden or Sanctuary. This is a safe space you begin with to establish your first connecting point or anchor point to the Higher Realms. In this space you can connect with spirit guides that will help you on your journeys. I also recommend connecting to your Higher Self initially to always be with you on your adventures – I have a Guided Journey piece called, Connecting with your Higher Self, that is part of our ActivateYourDNA Training Program which you can get with the visuals as well as just as an audio file. These are available on DVD or as individual downloads.

Recommended Books to Read on Shamanic Journey

I offer the following books to help you get started on learning more about Shamanic Journeying. Scroll through the books below and start with the one that calls to you the most.




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