Is Time Speeding Up or Slowing Down?

Have you noticed that time is speeding up and slowing down at the same time? If you are walking a path of conscious evolution, then this is exactly what is going on right now.

If you have the sense that there isn’t enough time in the day and you are feeling overwhelmed with obligations and tasks, then you are spending too much time in the 3D world of tick tock. It is time to make some new choices about how you are spending your time and energy.

As you spend more time in aspects of life that are 5th World in nature, then this is right on track for what you should be experiencing at this time. The 3D life is functioning on a physical level based on time, 4D. The 5D life path is engaged with higher thoughts and spending time in creative endeavors.

The 3D world is moving very fast now. Information is doubling all the time and the airwaves are filled with data streams that are taxing our minds and bodies. If you are not engaging in several activities a day that shift you out of that time stream and into the more expansive 5th dimensional realms than you are likely feeling quite stressed out. Illness and disease will become more probable for you and your mind will be confused and unable to focus.

When we enter the 5th World templates, time slows way down and we engage in the infinite. We no longer see or feel deadlines, engage in future projections and see our our lifepath on a linear stream. We remove the pressure because we develop a trust in the divine order of the journey. We hold more focus on the now and release the urgency of a future manifestation. Our life path moves in non-linear flow states allowing for the magical synchronicities to occur regularly in our life.

The more aware you can become of this phenomena, the more you can create and manifest your higher life path at this time. You can no longer spin your wheels by focusing too heavily in the 3D realms, yet with this expanded awareness you will become even more functional in your necessary 3D tasks and actions. This is because you are developing your intuitional abilities and can sense what is useful and valuable, as far as spending energy on, and what is a waste of your time. In addition, you will also be learning more direct manifestation skills and how to attract what is most important to you at a given time. The Law of Attraction in motion.

The Sonic Keys book series available on Kindle
The Sonic Keys series focuses on teaching about sound and transformation.

If this information is all foreign to your awareness, then you might want to read our book titled The Sonic Keys: Sound, Light & Frequency. It will help you understand ways in which you can start to feel more like you are thriving in this new reality construct we are collectively shifting into.

And of course, what is one of the best ways you can shift deeply into the 5th World templates – by using our multidimensional QSET music. The ever widening range of frequencies that we are all able to tap into now has expanded exponentially and finding your way within this vast field of new potential means you have to establish some key places of resonance with it. So what better way to do that, then with our soundscapes which are designed to help you connect to each successive wave of new frequency packets as they become available to the greater collective mind. We invite you to step inside and enjoy the journey.

5th World Emerging
TLC 5th World Emerging soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA

We created a soundscape titled 5th World Emerging which is really ideal for learning how to shift gradually from our 3D realms to the 5D realms. The music is both earthy and grounding and then shifts to otherworldly sounds that engage you with the 5th world templates. This soundscape was created from a collective group energy during a live concert, so it is a direct transmission of higher information that you can now utilize to work with during your meditations.

Share you thoughts and experiences of this shifting energy in the comments section below.

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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