What is Sound Healing Music?

Sound Healing Music is not only music, but also contains specific sounds that are designed to elicit a state of inner peace and harmony within the listener. This creates the healing effect on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Ideally sound healing music will initially reduce one’s stress levels very quickly as soon as the music begins to play. The more a person intentionally listens to this style of music for this specific purpose, the more they will be entrained to relax, let go and ride the waves of sound.

Sound HealingSound healing emerged from the more academically approved techniques of Music Therapy. There are many associations and college level curriculums focused on the effects of sound and its effect on various types of illnesses and mental states. Here is a definition of music therapy from the American Music Therapy Association.

“Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Clinical music therapy is the only professional, research-based discipline that actively applies supportive science to the creative, emotional, and energizing experiences of music for health treatment and educational goals”

Sound healing music and the composers and teachers who share this type of music attempt to move outside the box of the mainstream teachings set forth in academia. They are most often more spiritually based and focus on the personal evolution of the individual as opposed to looking for specific goals or measurements. You will find sound healing music used in psycho-therapy sessions, massage, meditation, yoga and throughout all healing and wellness centers. The music is often electronic based using synth sounds and some natural sounds from flutes, gongs, acoustic guitars and piano.

Much of the sound healing music emerged from the New Age music genre which started to emerge in the early 70s. It was meant to be gentle and soothing and often brought in nature sounds to bring a person back to a state of balance and wholeness. Refer to Wikipedia for more info on the New Age Music genre.

Healing by ShapeshifterDNA
Healing by ShapeshifterDNA

Gary’s released 2 albums in the New Age genre – Healing in 1986 and Myth, Magic & Mystery in 1989. Healing is a very soothing and calming piece that we recommend anyone just beginning in this style of music to start with. It is a deeply calming piece that works from pre-birth to final transition. This was the soundscape that we played for both our mothers in their final days on the planet and they found it very comforting and serene. As a sound designer, Gary uses many unusual and other worldly sounds in his compositions which give his soundscapes a very unique and organic sonic flavor.

Listen to a sample clip from Healing

Myth, Magic & Mystery by ShapeshifterDNA
Myth, Magic & Mystery by ShapeshifterDNA

The Myth, Magic & Mystery album was done during a time when the New Age genre was trying to develop a little more depth and expanse of sounds using some rhythms and more punchy melody lines.

Listen to a sample clip from Myth, Magic & Mystery

While some of our music is within the Sound Healing category, Gary has expanded his work with sound into the more transformational aspects of using music to enlighten, awaken and shift one’s awareness towards higher consciousness awareness. Another topic for another time 🙂



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