New Release – TLC Aya’s Underworld

Ayas Underworld
Aya's Underworld
We are releasing a new soundscape today – the second in our Transmissions of Light Codes (TLC) series. This emanates from a live concert we did on December 7, 2007 in Asheville, NC. The music is channeled live, real time with no added tracks. The vocals were all recorded separately and then additional vocals were also added during the final mixing and producing of this album. This soundscapes is 76 minutes long.

Listen to an 8 minute medley of snippets from this piece

As with all our TLC releases, they come forth from the group intent. The focus of this event was to dive deep into the Underworlds to discover our lost power and awaken our hidden potentials. By going deeper into our subconscious realms to locate information that has been holding us back or blocking us from actualizing our dreams and desires. The group was very dedicated to this process and it was a very powerful one for all of us. As you listen, use your shamanic skills to go deep underground into those dark, mysterious spaces. For those of you who are experienced travelers in these realms, you will really enjoy this adventure.

The music contains seductive passages and many rhythmic sections to shamanically guide you into the deeper realms of your subconscious mind. If you are not familiar with diving into the Underworlds, then do some studies first on the web – Google “Shamanic Underworld Journeys”

For those of you familiar with shamanic journeys using the plant teacher Ayahuasca (if not, Google It), this is a very powerful piece of music to use with those journeys. We recommend that you listen to this soundscape several times first before you engage the vine along with it. It should be used by experienced travelers only.

If you are emotionally or mentally unstable, DO NOT use this soundscape, as it contains some strong, intense passages that may evoke negative reactions.

You can order this soundscape as a FLAC download or on CD. Members of the Gold Program will receive a 30% discount and those in the DNA.L2.2012 program will receive a 50% discount.

Order CD $24.95
Order FLAC $20.00

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