First FLAC File Uploaded – Sanctuary

We have started the process of uploading our soundscapes in FLAC format. The first file available is our Sanctuary CD.

This is link to our FLAC section of our shopping cart – you really should have a high speed connection to download these files as they will be around 250-300 megs.

The advantage of this is: less expensive, quicker, no shipping, saves trees

Because it is so easy to download, we are still asking you to honor the source and not to pass them around the web – here is our karmic agreement we are asking you to respect. Your support helps us to continue this work and we appreciate it greatly.

Each sound file will be encoded with your order number and is considered for your personal use only. You may put them on your digital players and make as many CD copies for yourself only as you may need for your personal players. By downloading you agree NOT to upload these files on the internet to any peer to peer groups, file sharing sites, newsgroups, etc.

If you are not familiar with the FLAC format, it is a lossless compression format that will enable us to put up the entire albums for you to download. No MP3 compression, so you won’t lose any of the necessary frequencies when working with our multidimensional sounds. It is similar to ZIP for compressing text files, but this is specifically for music files. Once the packet is opened back up, it is in its  original state.

The only thing you need on your end is a player that will uncompress the FLAC files – WinAmp does this easily – with Itunes, you have to get a stand alone player to first uncompress and then you can play them. The files will be .aif format with no loss of sound quality.

Here is some additional info to help you get yourself set up.

FLAC Info – Tech Stuff

You will need software that will convert the FLAC file to an .aif (high fidelity, lossless sound file). They are free for both Mac and PC.

For Mac:

For PC:

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