New Release – TLC Journey towards Ascension

This soundscape is the first release in our Transmissions of Light Codes series, which is also available for FREE when you sign up to our Gold Membership program. We call them TLC for short which was something that came to us long after we actually created the name – we certainly felt that Tender Loving Care was also very appropriate for these events.

We started this series back on 11.11.06 with our first mini transmission called 11:11. We played this at a full day event in Asheville, NC in celebration of 11:11 that year. From this seed of an idea, we then did 6 live concert performances in Asheville and in Florida. Each of these concerts were recorded live in real time along with the singing, chanting and toning from Gary, JoAnn and Dielle Ciesco. At this time, we have many hours of recordings from these events which we will be turning into new soundscapes that will released this year. We begin with this one which was actually the last concert we did. It was performed at the Light Center in Black Mountain, NC, a very sacred and special place. If you get a chance to visit Asheville, this is a must stop on your journey. You can go there anytime and visit their sound room and sacred dome, walk on the many trails and walk the labrynth. You can even stay overnight in their lodge. We actually did 2 of our TLC events here. If you visit our TLC website, you can see some of the pictures from this sacred space.

For each event we ask the group to focus on a specific theme, this one was ascension. What it means, what is the process and how does the journey unfold. These are the questions that everyone was pondering while this transmission came through. During the event, we are bringing through words, songs, chants and sacred tones to align with the information that is being received. These are all recorded separately from the music soundtrack. Once we get to the final mixinig process, we may also add in additional vocals or music that we are guided to bring through to complete the piece.

Special guests on this soundscape were Dielle Ciesco and Karen Kirschbaum, both of whom have been working with the Shapeshifter soundscapes for some time. They both share a deep connection with us and with the music that is treasured on many levels. Dielle joined Shapeshifter for 5 of these concerts, bringing her magical sensual tones to the recordings. She is a sound healer and offers classes, teleconferences, workshops and private sessions. You can learn more about her and her work at The Voice of Life website. Karen is a vibrational healer and was present for all the concerts in Asheville area. Her beautiful voice is the one that opens this soundscape. We recorded her vocals later and mixed them in to the final mix. She is singing an expression inspired by the TLC concert series. She loves to spend time walking into the beautiful worlds opened up by these transmissions. She finds these soundscapes a palpable doorway into the Fifth World. She says, “That’s where I want to live!” Her web site is

We also plan to expand these transmissions into podcasts, and YouTube videos….stay tuned. We’ll be adding additional information like guided journeys, poetry, rants, inspired thoughts, images, photography. We’ll be asking YOU to create and collaborate with us on these expanded transmissions. Email us if you are interested in learning more about how you can participate. All of these steps are leading to an eventual animated film which we can show in movie theatres across the planet.

These transmission packets will be filled with uplifting, positive content for people from all walks of life and cultures to enjoy and receive higher guidance from watching and listening. This project is one of the ways we are injecting more Light into the planetary grid during these times of great transformation.

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Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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