New Sounds from TLC Events

Last year, during the Fall of 2007, we did a series of concerts called Transmissions of Light Codes (TLC). It had been some time since we played out live. These events were magical and very uplifting for us and those that attended.

While we enjoy the live playing venue, the challenging part was the preparation and setup. One of our future visions is to have a permanent set up for live performances, so we can just show up, create space and then receive transmissions. Originally we thought maybe this would be the way to bring through the DNA LevelTwo series, but it turned out not to be so. Because of the amount of energy expended in the set up and moving around, driving to locations, sound checks, etc. it really was not conducive to bringing through these higher frequencies. Ideally we also needed to have those who have worked with the LevelOne DNA Series present to assist in the grounding work. However what did come through was awesome and we are preparing to start working on producing them this summer to release a series of soundscapes called, Transmissions of Light Codes.

In the meantime, we wanted you to be able to listen to a few 10 minute samples from these events to get you started. You can download these and share them with your friends.

Visit the TLC website to learn more about these concerts. We’ve updated this site and added the new sound files as well as made various updates to the site to bring it up to date. The next concert is schedule for May 17th in Black Mountain, NC (just east of Asheville). See Previous Post – TLC Concert – May 17th

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

4 thoughts to “New Sounds from TLC Events”

  1. Very peaceful. Very calming. The second one induces a state of complete bliss.
    All of your soundscapes are great but for me these ones are the best .

  2. Lovely, These sounds bring up many things that need to be addressed, This one was a little to relaxing for me to do it now! I need a nap! ‘
    Very lovely. Thanks

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