Composer’s Cut #1 ~ Gary Chambers on Odyssey | Empowerment

Odyssey | Empowerment by ShapeshifterDNAGary begins sharing his thoughts, ideas and concepts surrounding the creation of his music. He plans to create a short series of these specifically inspired by his creation of this new release called Odyssey | Empowerment.

These transmissions are brought through in a real time setting inspired by feedback, input and responses from those who are starting to engage with this soundscape. Please share comments below or email directly to us.



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CC Podcast Outline
Use this outline below to skip through sections of interest

Chakra Systems 1-7 and Advanced System Info
Luminous Egg – Assemblage Point
Generating Flow States

Purpose of Music
Grounding Energy
Control Structures
Dark Force Manipulation of Energy
Spiritual Warriors Breaking Free
Sovereignty and Freedom
Tonal and Nagual
Music as the Nagual
Virtual Simulation as Reality Construct

NSA Control Structure & AI
Addictions to Cell Phones/Devices
Chakras & DNA Wormholes
Superluminal Energy
Biophoton Flows
Higher Chakra System
Other Worldly Beings

Systems of DNA Modification
Moving Assemblage Point
Seeing Other Realities
Shamanic Framework to Deal with Shifts
Alternate Substances/Ayahausca/Plant Teachers
Music & Sound as an incremental Tool

Need for Higher Energy to Break Free
Aliens or Devil?
Sound Processing Techniques
Holistic Approach
Stimulates new biophotonic Flows
Clearing static and frequency fences
Threads of Light

Fixated Attention
Focus Energy
Recessed Spiritual Energy
Control Structure
Psy Op or Propaganda
Connecting – Meditation – Nature
Shuts Down Sensory Field
Psychedelic Awakenings
Egoic Development
Science narrows Focus
Archons, Aliens oh my

Mind Maze / Hive Mind
Resonance to Information Fields
Sorcery – Magick – Toltec Lineage
Increased Longevity
Limited Lifespan keeps you in Control Structure
Power of Intention
Rejuvenation Potentials
Asleep or WakeUp
2012 Dissillusion
Freedom from Tyranny

Supporting Light
Discarding Familiar Habits
Energy Broadcasts Globally
Signals beyond the Planet
Dimensions of Data Streams
True Will
Crossing the Abyss
Transcending Soul Contracts
5th World Templates

Breaking free of Matrix
Raising Energy of Body
Alchemical process
Music is Hyper-Sigil
Embrace Freedom of Eagle’s Gift





JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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