Interview with Gary 7/8/16

Odyssey | Empowerment by ShapeshifterDNAThe following is an interview with Gary Chambers. JoAnn Chambers begins with an intro and then asks Gary to talk about several different areas of related interest to this new release – Odyssey | Empowerment. These are the questions he responded to below.



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Time signatures below to help you move through sections of the recording more easily.


• Intro with JoAnn


• Can you talk about this phase of your music creation. Like how you are moving to the Level3 phase of your process. There has been a 5 year gap from your last creation which was DNA 1.5 Lucidity, what have you been doing during that time and why was there such a gap of time?


• Talk a little about binaural beats music in relation to what you are doing. What is the difference in the recording processes. How is what you are doing considered a leap from these techniques?


• Talk about QSET a little bit and share what you feel that is in the broader scope of awakening humanity to their higher potentials. What do you feel that this music can offer someone who is working on moving past limitations and awakening to a more expanded perspective of reality?


• Share more about the DNA.L2 journey (6 soundscapes) as a lot of people still have not fully engaged with that level of things. What do you want to say about how it affected you and what you learned from listening to them.


• Share more about the original Odyssey and this new Odyssey and why you wanted to replace it. Share with us your approach to doing chakra work with sound as opposed to other methods out there using sound. What do you think about the 2012 timeline and what has happened since then. What is next for those still on the journey and how can your music help them unfold and align more with their spiritual missions?


• Address the current layers of fear on the planet and that connection to the headline news of the day, the politics that are unfolding and the shifting of energy on the planet. How do you see the new frequencies being generated by the 5th Worlders affecting the collective consciousness. How do you suggest people interact with our music to work with this energy in a positive way?

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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