Composer’s Cut #2 – Gary on Odyssey | Empowerment Soundscape

Odyssey | Empowerment by ShapeshifterDNAIn this 2nd edition of the Composer Cut for the Odyssey | Empowerment soundscape, Gary continues to share his thoughts and ideas around this creative project.

 These transmissions are brought through in a real time setting inspired by feedback, input and responses from those who are starting to engage with this soundscape. Please share comments below or email directly to us.



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CC Podcast Outline
Use this outline below to skip through sections of interest

Biophotonic Flows
Resonance & Modulating
Narrowing down Perceived Realities
Food Chain
Controlling Human Consciousness
Black Ops
Conspiracy Octopus
Limits to Control Affects
Emergence of Light
Luminous Egg Compacted
Alzheimers/Dementia Shut Down
Imagination Applied

Passion Behind Creative Works
Ego Matrix
Sacred Geometry Forms of Focus
Sea of Possibilities
Other Timelines
Living Pool of Vibrational Content
Slave Race
Fear of Death / Warrior Path
Soul Contract

Free Will
Achieving Longevity
DNA Activation Plus
Sri Aurobindo/Mother
Sound/Vibration Underpinnings of Universe
Alternative Tunings 432/440, 528, Solfeggio
Spectrum of Possibilities
Harmonics, Sound Placement, Movement, Placement, Modulation
Resonating with the Biophotonic Flows
God/Goddess in SubAtomic Structure
Dynamics of Energy Shifting

Move outside the Box
Akasha & Beyond
Engine of Creativity
SciFi Possibilities
Music with Intention
Magick/Secret Societies
Evolutionary Signals
Universe Communications
Fear of Shadow
Life Affirming

Life Experience
Not Selling Out
Importance of Path
Commerce Ties
Life as a Video Game
Respecting Music
Being Challenged
Honoring beyond your Pay Grade

Biophotonic Flows of Possibilities
Changing Timestreams
Evolutionary Growth
Starting a Movement
Resistance &  Gremlins
Altered States Substances
Devotional Approach
Modulating the Lifewave
Music as  a Tool for Transformation
Survival Situation
2012 Preparation
Illuminati BS

Beyond Control Structures
Belief and Hope
I Am Avatar
Zombies & the Living Dead
Karma Schmarma
Step by Step
Spectrum from normal to spiritual life
Merging all Elements
DNAvatars embrace their Evolution


JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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