Podcast – Revolution Radio Interview with JoAnn

Check out our recent podcast about our DNA Activation Music with JoAnn that was recorded on Sunday, June 29th, 2014.

TLC Journey towards Ascension soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
TLC Journey towards Ascension soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA

Our dear friend, Karen Kirschbaum (featured vocal soundings on Journey towards Ascension), hooked us up with the folks over at Revolution Radio for a chat with AmadPainter – A Mad Look at Reality which airs on Sunday am from 11 to 1 p.m. We talked for about an hour on various topics related to our music and sound. Some beginner level information as well as some deeper explorations about the potentials of consciously created sound, DNA Activation, our 1991 amazon adventures with the shamans and ayahausca, Gary’s process of creation, perspectives on beliefs about potentials for healing and more.

Check out this listener supported radio show as there are many great shows available as well as several round table discussions where you can get involved and share your thoughts about the world today. There is a lot of great information for you to engage with from metaphysics, spiritual growth, UFO, aliens, conspiracy stuff and our evolving world.

This will also be posted on our ShapeshifterDNA Itunes Podcast station for easy listening on Itunes.

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

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