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As many of us, I have been awaiting the final sealing of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and the day has finally arrived. I am sending out this video that I have been holding and building energy around since around June. We have gone out to the Gulf nightly and offered up divine blessings to all the waters of the Gulf and those who have been affected by it. We are greatly blessed not to have had the oil reach our shores here in the St. Pete area, but our hearts continue to send Love to those who have been affected — humans, birds, mammals, fish and all sealife. It is our hope that this event reverberates out to those who choose to control and dominate the planet instead of working together in harmony, to open their minds and hearts to new solutions, new choices in the way in which we support the human population.

This video was a collaboration which was inspired by Denise Ferguson – a long time supporter of Visionary Music. Video and photography were submitted by Silas Leger at Fractal artwork was submitted by Christine Tibshraeny at Poetry and voice over by JoAnn Chambers.


View on YouTube for HD version Blessings to the Gulf

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