YouTube Music Video – Crystal Heaven on Earth

Enjoy this amazing animated video of crystal photography by Michael & Laureen, featuring the music from ShapeshifterDNA’s 2012 Gateways album; track Heaven on Earth.

Video Info: M-ARTWORK is a creative concept designed by Laureen Warrington & Michael Korotschenko. The images are abstract views and photographic interpretations of the mineral kingdom and nature. A journey through the inner eye into parallel realities. A play of darkness and light showing the inherent strength within us all.

M-ARTWORK pictures come with messages from this silent kingdom with its unexpected unseen beauty. Tiny universes can be discovered in the images — their light, glorious; their colours and shapes telling stories and allow the viewer to become the artist.

M-ARTWORKs are available as finest museum quality limited edition photographies, ready-to-hang on Alu-Dibond behind Acrylglas or as prints on the finest museum quality art papers manufactured with state of the art technologies. The size of the pictures can be individually adjusted on demand.

More infos are available here:


2012 Gateways by ShapeshifterDNA
2012 Gateways by ShapeshifterDNA – featuring Heaven on Earth track

Music Info: Album and singles available at

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