YouTube Collaboration – DNA Activation / Initiation 2012

Take a look at our newest post on our Visionary Music YouTube channel – DNA Activation ~ Initiation 2012. It is a collaboration piece we did with a Visionary Artist – Deb DeLisi. You can see more of her beautiful works at her website

This music video features a cut from our Shamballa~Journey Home CD titled Clearing. The piece of art is from Deb’s Activation collection The poetry was written by Gary & JoAnn and recorded by JoAnn. JoAnn did this project using Photoshop, Flash, Soundtrack Pro and IMovie.

We would love to collaborate with more of you out there, so get your creative juices flowing and let us know what you have – we are looking for art, digital works, animation, photography, poetry, creative writings, channeled writings, rants, voice tracks, songs, chants – whatever you think might fit in a music video. Sorry, no music submissions, we got that part covered 🙂

If you are interested in working on a music video with us, just contact JoAnn at

JoAnn Chambers

Evolutionary Creative in service to the positive uplifting of humanity through multidimensional QSET sound and music.

3 thoughts on “YouTube Collaboration – DNA Activation / Initiation 2012

  1. …..I really love all your work!
    However, I had to strain to hear and make out the narration.
    You might want to consider a remix.


    1. Actually it is more of a transmission, so we don’t necessarily want you to hang on every word, just let it flow in without the need to know the words and the words will actually come on a higher level as pure energy. I know that is outside the known box, but then again, that’s where we reside 🙂

  2. I remember several years ago, I have seen the website for Visionary Music and I got a free download 25 minutes and I meditated to the music. It was an awesome experience. I had an OBE so wonderful, I have the biggest respect for Visionary music and the people behind, it is clean music. I will try to incorporate it in my work. Thank you. Love and light Torben

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